5 must-have AV technologies in K–12

The contemporary classroom is ever-changing and AV technology is truly shaping the future of learning. It’s more important than ever to harness the power of interactive multimedia in education.

The first step is to understand what’s available and what it can do. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are 5 of the most relevant K–12 AV technologies.

1. Hybrid/hyflex teaching and learning models
In education, the word on everyone’s lips is hybrid (or hyflex) learning – and for good reason. All over the world, students have rapidly adapted to a new learning environment, including classes being delivered in-person and online at the same time. Many schools have embraced new technologies that have helped them thrive during the pandemic; others are still identifying the best requirements. Our team is always ready to provide expertise and advice on great solutions for hybrid/hyflex learning.

2. Interactive whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards are powerful teaching tools that inspire students and teachers alike through interactive technologies. We often recommend SMART Boards and think they are an absolute must-have in schools. With SMART Boards you can connect your devices and classroom technology, optimise remote learning and improve student engagement. They are easy to deploy and support, and a solid investment for any educational tech budget.

3. Wireless content sharing, presentation and collaboration
Learning is more effective when it’s interactive and engaging. That’s why we get so excited about wireless content presentations and collaboration. We’re big fans of Vivi as they provide all-in-one classroom engagement solution for K-12. Designed by educators for educators, Vivi lets you create highly engaged learning environments with wireless screen mirroring, video, and feedback tools.

4. Content cameras
Video conferencing took off last year when people globally had to adjust swiftly to working and learning from home. We’re excited about new technology that enables certified content cameras to capture whiteboards in Microsoft Teams Rooms. The camera identifies a whiteboard and uses image processing to show off its contents. If you step in front of the camera, it makes you translucent.

5. Robotics and STEM

Working with robots and STEM can be fun and captivating for students of all ages and will keep them engaged for hours. As an example, Sphero programmable robots are turning students into inventors and creators with their collaborative games and activities. You’ll find something for every classroom with their STEM-based educational tools.

Whether you are teaching in a classroom, lecture hall, huddle room, auditorium or via remote learning, your educational space needs to be flexible and safe for new ways of learning.

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