About Our AV Company

100% Australian owned and operated, our AV company is the leading provider of audiovisual technologies in Australia. Offering a full range of audiovisual solutions and services, we ensure our clients experience technology in a way that enhances their lives and makes the world a better place. As audiovisual systems become more complex and converge within the IT framework, more corporations and institutions are choosing to focus on their core business while partnering with specialists to support their non-core activities. InSight Systems is a leader in “As a Service” delivery for the audiovisual and IT sectors. Our offerings provide easy-to-administer, cost-effective, tailored solutions across a range of areas to ensure your critical systems function at their peak. We support, maintain, and refresh your technology according to predetermined timeframes, all for a fixed monthly cost, reducing the need for large capital expenditure budgets. We are committed to research and training, which has resulted in our reputation as a respected leader in audiovisual consulting, service management, and implementation of emerging AV technologies. InSight Systems’s technical expertise, uncompromising quality, and customer focus is highly valued by our clients and project partners.

Our Value Proposition

Today, the workplace technology market is so fragmented that no one cares about your end-to end experience like you do. Not your consultant, not your designer, not your builder, not your electrical installer, not your AV/IT contractor. There are too many “fingers” in the pie, and too much “buck-passing” when things go wrong.

That’s why we’re different at InSight Systems.

To deliver amazing end user experiences, we bring our experience in strategy, ROI, UX, design, build, support, and complete lifecycle management & support. One company to deliver exceptional outcomes.

We will design & build your system to be easy to use and reliable, otherwise we own the consequences for a long time.

Why? You should never have to worry about your technology. That’s what we do exceptionally well (and make you look good in the process!).

Raise your expectations of what good looks like. And we’ll deliver.

InSight Systems…beyond expectations.
InSight Systems…experience beyond expectations.
InSight Systems…beyond good.
InSight Systems…we care like you do.

The Values of Our AV Company

  • Beyond Expectation

    A satisfied client isn’t enough for us. We want clients to love doing business with us and who rate us 9/10 or 10/10. We love celebrating across our business when a client gives us a 10/10. Why? Those clients see us as a partner they want to do business with again, and again. Long term clients understand the value we provide better than anyone else. This brings us joy and makes doing business together easier and more rewarding. We like to share our expertise when requirements are being shaped and long-term strategy is being developed. This ensures all our clients achieve a great outcome…from the end user who interacts with our technology each day, the person who signs our contract, the CEO, and everyone in between.

  • Quality is non-negotiable

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying this over 200 years ago – as true today as it was then. We will provide a great price for the value we deliver, but not at the expense of the “InSight Experience” – great design, quality products, skilful execution, and great people. Our relationships with our clients, our partners, our suppliers, and our people are so important to us that we want to strengthen these by providing a great experience, every time. That’s why we invest in quality management processes and certifications like CTS, Crestron Masters, ISO9001- to deliver repeatable, measurable quality.

  • Trust is a Must

    Reputation is important. We care what people think about you, our company, and ourselves. We build trust by “doing the right thing”, “saying what we mean”, “doing what we say” and being honest. Trust means we have confidence in each other. Trust means we do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This means we don’t have to be micro-managed. Of course, not everyone wants to “do the right thing”, and that means you’re not the right employee, supplier, or client for InSight. We’re not perfect, despite how hard we might try. But, because we want your trust, you know we will make it right and never walk away from a problem.

  • Relationships aren’t transactions

    Our business is all about people. Clients are real people, suppliers are real people, and we’re real people. That’s why relationships are so important. Great relationships are built on great communication, listening, understanding and empathy. These should be in every conversation, every interaction, every relationship we have at InSight, regardless of your role or seniority. Our relationships need to be genuine. We never want anyone to feel they must be inauthentic to work within our business or with clients. You know a good relationship when you’re in it – it’s easier, it’s more fun, and it’s productive.

  • Great people achieve great things

    We can’t deliver a great experience without having great people. We want our people to have expertise in their field and use this to deliver the “InSight Experience”, because we know that’s great. Of course, no-one knows everything, and you can only learn from others around you if you listen and let them teach you. Learning is a lifelong personal journey, and only apathy or ego can stop us. That’s not who we are. We will guide, mentor, train, and inspire each other to be our best. We can only do amazing things together if we have diversity of thought. Our diversity comes from people of different backgrounds, genders, roles, experiences, and cultures. Together we encourage contribution from everyone in our company, regardless of their role, seniority, or experience. We value you bringing your ideas on how we can do things better and we’ll consider these when we decide on how we can move forward, together. We look out for each other, and we consider the wellness of each other a critical part of working together as a team. We give permission to each other to ask, “Are you OK?” when we are concerned.

  • Succeeding together

    We succeed together – every role, every department. It’s a team effort. Why is success important? It shows we’re doing a good job to deliver value and a great experience to our internal or external clients, ensuring the continued financial security of our company. We love to celebrate. Client feedback, innovation, winning deals, achieving milestones/KPI’s, project outcomes, significant life events, personal achievements – we have a lot to recognise, and we use these to inspire each other to greatness. When you work with us, we want you to be successful. From the day you start, to the day you finish, we want you to enjoy InSight and having fun is an important part of this. There should be laughter, joy, and comradery. You will see this when we have our social events, get a cuppa for each other, share the home-made biscuits, have a laugh on a call – there’s a buzz, a vibe, a positive feeling. There’s work being done, with fun.

Our Team

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As a Service

InSight Systems are leaders in “As a Service” delivery for the audiovisual and IT sectors.

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Consultancy and Design

InSight Systems provide our clients with consultancy services addressing all of their audio and video collaboration requirements.

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Project Services

InSight Systems prides itself on providing the full spectrum of services to meet the simplest or most complex integration project.

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Maintenance and Support

To ensure your technology remains reliable and available at all times, businesses require regular, proactive maintenance and service, coupled with rapid incident response times.

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