Clean Air Makes the Grade

The formula for a safer and more successful learning space starts with the well-being of students and team members. Delos school safety solutions can ensure that students, teachers, and team members  feel their best, so they can do their best.

Delos’ research-backed strategies and solutions help transform educational settings into healthier learning environments. These well-being interventions are designed to promote performance for students and educators while minimising the potential for disease transmission.

Researchers identified and recommended the very best solution available for helping keep students and team members safe and reducing the risk of viral transmission of COVID-19 in schools.


The study demonstrated that Delos portable air purification units:

  • Significantly reduced indoor aerosolised particle transmission risk.
  • Improved air quality throughout an entire classroom.
  • Significantly reduced in the rate at which infectious particles deposit on surfaces when these portable air purifiers were used compared to using an HVAC system alone (featuring MERV filtration).

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Portable Air Purifiers can result in 5X lower particle concentration throughout the room. Interested in bringing these air purifiers to your school? InSight Systems is committed to helping you invest in the right workplace technology integrations for your school including solutions that demonstrate your commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of students and educators.

Contact us today to find out what the right Delos Advanced Air Purification solution for your classroom.