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by Michael Pafiti

Home entertainment systems have become a truly important feature of the modern home. They enhance spaces where families gather to relax and entertain, while some become a showpiece among technology and film enthusiasts.
Whether a dedicated cinema system designed to fully immerse you in a blockbuster or a living room system designed to help you enjoy your favourite Netflix series, choosing the correct technology has never been easier.

Media Players in Home Theatre Systems

Where do I start?

Each living zone should be carefully planned when choosing technology to support the desired entertainment experience.

You may wish to build a dedicated cinema room with premium audio and visual components, or implement an amazing large format display with speakers which integrate seamlessly into your décor. InSight Systems can retrofit an existing home or work with you through the design of your new build. Our team will help you design your new space with the latest technology to make your home entertainment systems something special and an event each time you have an opportunity to us it.

Start your home entertainment journey now. Give us a call on 1300 369 451 or email us at sales@insightsystems.com.au and one of our team will happily help you through the process.

Multi-Room Music Systems

We also specialise in multi-room (zoned) music systems which provide audio coverage through the whole home, wherever you may wish to entertain or experience your favourite music.

These systems typically work over your home's wi-fi network, meaning there is minimal installation and almost no wires to trip over. When thinking about your homes multi-room audio system, you don't need to buy a complete system straight off the bat. You can start with one or two speakers and expand to each zone or room as your budget allows. Music is controlled through an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Some systems are even compatible with voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Multi Room Audio in Home Entertainment Systems

How do I control my technology?

Modern technology should just work. With properly designed home entertainment systems, intuitive operation of the system using your smart phone or tablet/iPad has never been easier.

One touch or no touch operation of all your home technology is now an expectation. At InSight Systems, we work with you to understand your lifestyle and how you wish to interface with the technology which provides your entertainment.

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Media Players in Home Theatre Systems

Case Studies

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Your home audio visual experience should provide you and your family a chance to relax and spend time together, travel to places and experience fiction in a truly immersive experience.

InSight Systems provides a step by step consultative process to work with you to provide a home technology lifestyle to suit your taste and budget.

Ready to begin your home entertainment journey? Give us a call on 1300 369 451 or email us at sales@insightsystems.com.au and one of our team will happily help you through the process.


Designing your Home Theatre can be complex. To help, we've tackled some of the most common questions that we're asked.

How do I choose the right big screen?

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Do I need a control system?

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How do I choose the right speakers?

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How do I stream media to my Big Screen?

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Do room acoustics make a difference?

Home Theatre Room Acoustics are often underplayed but can make or break your experience.  Click here for more information

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