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by Jason Carter

A great home entertainment system requires a great remote control to make everything work together seamlessly.  Learn about what to consider when choosing a control system and how to get the most out of the products you already have.

What is a Control System and why do you need one?

A home theatre system is only as good as the control system.  Your home entertainment system might have the best components in the world but if the control system isn’t up to scratch the theatre experience will be poor.  A well implemented control system will take all of your different components and make them operate as if they were one seamless system.  The ultimate test of any control system will be giving the remote control to a visiting friend or family member and seeing how long it takes them to turn the TV on and start watching a movie.  If it takes substantially longer than their home entertainment system or you need to help them the remote control is too complicated


Aren’t home theatre remotes more complicated than using the manufacturers remotes?

It is not uncommon for a home theatre to have a TV (or projector), audio receiver, BluRay Player, Media Player, Foxtel Receiver and one or more game consoles.  With all of these devices the number of remote controls and the steps required to perform even the most simple tasks quickly get out of hand.  The idea that home theatre remotes are more complicated than individual remotes is a myth based upon people’s experiences of cheap universal remote controls or poorly implemented control systems. 

Talking to our team about an easy to use and intuitive interface is a great way to work out how you could benefit from having a control system.

Media Players in Home Theatre Systems

What is the best remote control for home entertainment systems

Our absolute favourite remote control is the Crestron TSR-310.  This remote control features one of the best touch screens and user interfaces on the market ensuring ease of use for all members of the household.  The TSR-310 also features user profiles allowing fast access to frequently used channels.  With a press of a button channel presets can change from kids channels to movies, sports and news.

What about apps on my iOS or Android device?

Another option is to create a control app for your house that is available from everyone’s mobile devices.  Options for app based control vary in complexity from off the shelf designs to fully customisable apps designed specifically for your home.  Apps allow multiple spaces in your house to be controlled from the one platform.  Your smart phone can now become the remote control for the bedroom, home theatre, background music system and study.  Whatever your needs, our solution design team are available to work with you and your family to customise a solution to your households needs.

What else can be controlled from a home theatre remote control?

Home theatre remotes are able to control any compatible smart devices within your home.  This includes lights, blinds, heating/cooling, locks and security systems.  Imagine sitting down to watch a movie and transforming your room into movie mode with a touch of a button.  By selecting ‘watch movie’ on your remote the blinds could go down, lights dim, projector switch on, HVAC set to the perfect temperature and background music mute.  All of these things and more are available from a home theatre control system.

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