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by James Jory

Do you want to stream content and connect media players to your big screen and don’t know how? We break down what you need to consider before making a purchase or signing up to the latest streaming platform.
If 4k HDR video with Dolby Atmos sound through your theatre system sounds more like you, we can help.

Home Theatre Streaming

We are often asked “How do I get all the media I consume into my home theatre setup and easy to use?”

You have unlimited libraries of content at your fingertips that you select to watch whatever you want whenever you want. Rather than just watch your content on a tiny phone or tablet screen you can get the Hollywood experience on your home theatre setup.

Media Players that StreamWhat do I need I need to get started?

You can easily get your content on screen without much tech knowledge, what you need to purchase will depend on what you want to watch and what home theatre system you have. For example if you want to mirror your screen from your Mac laptop or watch your Apple TV+ content you will need an Apple TV or Airplay enabled media player. Want to watch the latest Netflix 4K HDR content with the latest Dolby Atmos sound? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you select the right media player for you.


Which type of media players are best for you?

In-built TV apps

Newer “Smart” displays and Blu-ray players allow you to play your favourite streamed content from your phone or tablet and the option to watch content directly via in-built apps. This is a great option for you the thought of learning another new remote control leaves you in a panic. Once your display or player is connected to your network, you can start watching and streaming right away!


  • Easy to navigate using your current TV remote control
  • Watch content in 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision (if enabled)
  • High quality digital audio output to your theatre system
 Budget external media players

Amazon and Android based have led the market of low cost plug in media players that connect you to the latest streaming services and content from your devices. This is a great option if you have an older TV or theatre setup that isn’t “smart enabled”. As simple as plugging the player into a spare HDMI input on your TV and following the on-screen instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi will have your ready to watch your favourite show or content.


  • Present and stream from your phones, tablets and laptops
  • Watch content in up to 1080P resolution and DTS/Dolby Digital sounds
  • Use your device to select your content for the big screen
Premium external media players

Apple, Google and Amazon each have premium 4K media players that can give you the greatest 4K theatre experience in your home. If you have 4K internet speed and an account with 4K content


  • Watch content in 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision (if supported by your equipment and services.
  • High quality digital audio output to your theatre system
  • No need to buy other media players
Gaming consoles

The Sony PlayStation and Xbox also provide the ability to watch streamed content in high quality to your display and theatre systems. The current Xbox One X and PS4 Pro provide a better experience with 4K HDR playback with Dolby Digital/DTS sound (Atmos on Xbox One)


  • Watch content in 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision (if supported by your equipment and services.
  • High quality digital audio output to your theatre system
  • No need to buy other media players


Media Players in Home Theatre Systems

What do I need to be able to stream?

Once you have purchased your Smart display or media player, you will need to connect it to your display or AV receiver. For HD content a Wi-Fi connection is perfectly fine, for the ultimate 4K experience a wired network cable is required.

What do you need to connect?
  • Smart TV or external media player
  • Wifi or Wired network (Device dependent)
  • High speed internet for 4K streaming (See below)
  • Content services (ie Netflix, Amazon Video)
Internet speed requirements:
  • Standard Definition (SD) – 3Mbps
  • Full High Definition (HD) – 5Mbps
  • 4K Ultra HD (4K) – 25Mbps

Want to know if your internet is fast enough to watch 4K video streams?

Test your speed on netflix’s recommended site:

How do I stream my content from laptop, phone or tablet to my TV or theatre system?

Using your phone or tablet as a media player isn’t difficult. You can simply stream content or mirror from your device.

Chromecast Chromecast Icon

From any Android, Apple or any PC or Mac Chrome browser enabled laptop/desktop you can stream content to your display or theatre system. Android and Chrome browser devices can also mirror their screens to the theatre system to show web content, games, photos and videos.

Apple (Airplay)Airplay icon

Apple’s Airplay platform is locked down to Apple based products allowing you to mirror and stream content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your theatre system. Airplay is featured on all Apple TV products but is also built into newer LG, Sony and Samsung displays and audio only to premium home theatre receivers.


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