Meeting Room AV Equipment

The workplace is moving away from being mainly individual spaces to a greater focus on communal meeting areas that allow people to collaborate and achieve results that were never possible before. Offering everything from flexibility to huddle spaces, meeting rooms are now a central part of any business. However, their success requires more than simply allocating a space. Meeting room AV solutions, such as wireless sharing, automation, and managed services, contribute to effective spots where employees and clients can gather to plan and progress with projects.

Recently, Microsoft have focused their Microsoft Teams platform to provide users with technology that enables easy joining and interaction with onlines meeting in an incredibly intuitive way. Read more about Microsoft Teams Rooms and Collaboration Bars here.


Workplace Trends

  • Proximity location software that enables them to check if a room is in use or booked by checking their mobile device
  • Sensors that know when a room is in use and switch systems into idle mode when it is occupant-free
  • The capability to use meeting spaces as working areas rather than discussion rooms
  • Customised room control to change systems and access levels according to the type of user
  • Automation technology that quickly prepares a room for collaboration
  • Wireless solutions like Barco ClickShare, AMX Enzo, and Creston AirMedia™

What Meeting Room AV Equipment We Provide

InSight Systems allows you to achieve a workspace for your employees that will improve productivity, inspiration, and creativity at your business. We use a process-based approach to goals, following best practices and working closely with you to determine the meeting room AV equipment that you need. For every service, you will receive our expertise along with collaboration from top manufacturers in the AV industry. The combination of our experience, skill, and high-calibre equipment will provide you with:

  • Automated meeting room scheduling and control systems that you can tailor to different user levels
  • Video collaboration systems that allow users to communicate and edit documents in real time
  • A choice of remote or onsite management for video collaboration resources and endpoints
  • Hosted infrastructure and gateway services
  • Expert advice for Skype for Business, Cisco, and Polycom solutions from our technology advisors

Why Work With InSight Systems?

When you work with us, you have access to a team with a global presence. InSight Systems combined with our Connected Vision partners and global partner AVI-SPL has integrated more meeting spaces than any other solutions provider. This means two things:

1.) We have more experience than any other integrator out there.
2.) That more companies, contractors, and consultants are placing their trust in us than in anyone else.

Our engineers, integrators, and managers will actively coordinate with everyone involved in your project to ensure we complete the integration within your timeframe and to your satisfaction. Standardised solutions across your business mean you will only need to learn how to use one meeting room to take advantage of all the communal areas in your organisation. Our team will also customise spaces to match your working style and company identity, with features including branded control panels, screen savers, alerts, and digital signage installation. We will neglect no detail, however small.