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Connecting Locations with Integrated Technology

The prestigious, global company AB Note opened a new premise in Christchurch, New Zealand. They wanted an AV solution to support around 100 employees commencing work there, with the ability to expand and have ease of communication with their offices in other global locations.

InSight Systems previously designed and installed AB Note’s AV System in their Melbourne office. In order to maintain the high level of technology in the Christchurch office, InSight Systems were again chosen to outfit their new location.

In conjunction with a partner in New Zealand, InSight Systems supplied and installed an AV solution that incorporated a reliable and extremely effective video conferencing system for communication throughout their different locations.

The solution included Polycom’s HDX7002 video conferencing system with a Panasonic 50-inch Plasma screen.

The HDX 7002 is an ideal solution for Small to Medium businesses that need easy-to-use, cost-effective technologies that improve operational efficiencies and accelerate growth. It provides flexible, cost-effective, high definition communications from low bandwidths.

Polycom’s UltimateHD™ technology produces HD voice, HD video and HD content delivering smooth, natural motion and sharp clear images, coupled with crisp, natural voice clarity even when multiple parties are speaking .

By basing the AV solution on their Melbourne office, AB Note can now easily communicate face-to-face with wide-spread employees, allowing for the transferal of knowledge, increased productivity and improving inter-office relations.