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Reducing expenses and minimising their carbon footprint.

Beaconhills College made a smart investment when they chose an Audio Visual installation for their two campuses that featured video conferencing facilities. It has given them the ability to have timely, productive and cost-efficient inter-campus meetings with their staff and students. The longer term view is also to be able to meet with schools overseas.

InSight Systems recommended Polycom’s HDX8002 Video Conferencing solution as the cornerstone of the system. The HDX8002 is a premium high definition series that offers unparalleled levels of quality and was an excellent choice for their facility. It delivers crisp, natural voice clarity even when multiple parties are speaking, and has advanced HD video technology which offers smooth, natural motion and sharp clear images for outstanding video.

The audio visual solution for the Beaconhills Berwick campus comprised a Polycom HDX8002 Video Conferencing system with a second camera, two NEC LT380 projectors, two 115″ motorised screens, an NEC DVD/VCR player and a Chiayo wireless microphone system. The dual projector/screen set-up allows participants to display the content on one screen and the other meeting participants on the other screen. When the room is in presentation mode, either or both screens can be utilized to display images

The audio visual system is controlled via a 7″ widescreen AMX touch panel that provides simplified control of all components of the audio visual system for all users, and is programmed to accommodate multiple room settings for both video conferencing and presentations.

The audio visual solution for their Pakenham campus was installed in their theatre. Here we used the Polycom HDX8002 series, projector, screen AMX controller and DVD/VCR player.

The rooms on both campuses can operate as either a video conferencing facility or a regular meeting room for presentations as they are required.

Both campuses also feature the revolutionary ClearOne Converge Pro 840T professional conferencing system which provides professional sound reinforcement with acoustical noise and echo cancellation.

The video conferencing units were installed to run over existing IP networks so additional telecommunications infrastructure was not required. With this system’s unique and industry-leading options for sharing data during a conference, users can run a standard face-to-face meeting or hook in their laptop or DVD/VCR to display content.

This video conferencing solution will have a significant impact on the schools bottom line, by reducing the financial and environment costs associated with travel and by improving the productivity of the participants.

“On all occsasions the College has been exceptionally pleased with the manner in which InSight Systems carried out the work.”

David Young
Business Manager
Beaconhills College

Testimonial from Beaconhills College

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