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AV System to Enhance Training

Located at Box Hill TAFE is the purpose-built training centre for the highly revered Aveda Wellness Centres.  Aveda provide premium botanical products and day spa services for the beauty industry, and they wanted a training facility that provided a modern learning experience for their students and a professional experience for their clients.

InSight Systems won the tender for the installation of the AV System at Box Hill TAFE for the Aveda Wellness Training Facility.

There were five key areas that were to have unique Audio Visual Systems:

1. Reception Area

Utilising an Extron distributed video system, the receptionists computer is linked to five LCDs in other areas beauty, hair and massage therapy areas.  This solution allows the receptionist to take bookings and keep the trainees informed of upcoming appointments and their schedule for the day, in real time.

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Long cable lengths from the reception to the therapy areas, which would lose signal quality if traditional cabling techniques were deployed, required special consideration. To combat this, InSight Systems utilised Extron’s twisted pair solution whereby the VGA signal is converted then extended over shielded, low skew UTP cabling. A DVI transmitter and receiver pair was employed for each of the long cable lengths to ensure signal quality is maintained from source to display.

2. Waiting Area

To keep clients entertained whilst waiting, a large 55” Hisense LCD with DVD player were installed in the waiting area, displaying promotional Aveda content.

3. Meeting Room

A VGA inputs point were installed to enable staff and students to connect devices such as their laptop to display onto the wall mounted LCD monitor for presentations and training purposes.

4. Training Rooms

Two key classrooms were outfitted with Hitachi Short Throw Projectors and a Screen Technics motorised screen with side tension to help keep screen taut.

5. General Training Area

A further two Hitachi Short Throw Projectors were ceiling mounted, projecting onto a glass wall. A custom-fit film was secured on the glass for a dynamic modern screen. Installed throughout the Aveda Training Centre were seven 77” Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX Duos, enabling staff to create illuminating presentations, with the interactivity of up to two people at once for a new element in training.

Key benefits of Aveda’s Audio Visual System:

  • presentations are enhanced
  • bookings and rosters streamlined
  • widened the scope of lectures
  • training tools always at hand
  • entertainment for clients

A fully integrated Audio Visual system such as Aveda’s will ensure they have the best modern tools to train their students.