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Chisholm Institute of Tafe, Dandenong engaged InSight Systems to fit-out a new lecture theatre to be used as a presentation space. The installation required the use of HDMI and VGA signals, microphones and a 120” motorized screen. The brief from Chisholm Institute of Tafe specified an easy-to-use lecture theatre with the appearance of minimal technology whilst simultaneously preforming as an advanced full featured lecture theatre.


In order to give lecturers the most flexibility a custom lectern was designed to house an AMX 9” Wireless touch panel as well as lectern microphone, video inputs and a collapsible laptop shelf. In order to give the installation the greatest amount of flexibility an additional wall dock for the 9” Wireless touch panel was installed to allow the room to be used with radio microphoneseven when the lectern is in storage.


When designing the system the engineer had to work around the existing installation of a green screen and lighting infrastructure. This posed some issues as the structures on the roof interfered with the positioning of the projection system, however after careful analysis and consideration the design team was able to install a projector that was able to make the best use of the space available and still deliver optimum picture quality.

This installation involved a large number of custom elements in addition to off-the-shelf products from:
• RCF and Quest Engineering (speakers)
• Sennheiser and Revolabs (microphones)
• Epson (projector)
• AMX (control system)


The final result was a lecture theatre that offered flexibility and also offering a full suite of cutting edge technology. To find out more about how the InSight Systems design team can help you with a lecture theatre design call 1300 369 451 to speak to an audio visual consultant.

Written by Adriel Cahir