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Audio Visual for Theatre

With a newly renovated large theatre space on their Dandenong campus, The Chisholm Institute of TAFE requested an AV system to be installed and an upgrade to their existing lecture theatres across the other 5 campuses, the aim being a consistent and cohesive design.

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A number of meetings between all involved parties were held to determine the desired standard. InSight Systems was given full responsibility for the design. Working within the budget set, a lot of time was required to bring together parts from reliable quality suppliers that would give Chisholm the result they desired.

The different architecturally designed buildings presented a challenge in producing the same AV setup to suit all of the structures. In particular, some of the older floor plans and architecture made a standard design extremely difficult. Working extensively with Chisholm’s building services department, architects, lighting designers, electricians and a number of other contractors, we were able to make the project a success.

InSight Systems overcame the design challenges by customising the system for each space to enable the same functionality for the end user in any theatre. We designed a uniform control system that varied in size to suit each building. This was based on a standard template, enabling the same manner of control. In the customised system we included the following products:

  • AMX Touch screens and Control Systems
  • Custom designed Lecterns
  • Hitachi Interactive Lectern Mounted Touch screen PC
  • Screen Technics Motorised Screens

Working with the schools building service department and electricians in the fitting out stages, we provided the majority of the cabling structure for our advanced systems.

We included cutting edge technology, including hearing loops in our customised systems to ensure Chisholm is able to broadcast clearly too all their listeners in any of the theatres. Hearing loops deliver sound magnetically to those that are hearing impaired and equipped with a cochlear implant or hearing aid with a T-coil receiver. This enables the listener to hear without any signal loss and excess noise in the theatre. Equipping Chisholm with hearing loops ensures it will not be outdated as they will become essential in all large future public spaces with an AV system.

As the Dandenong theatre was a newly constructed building, working with the architect we were also able to incorporate a new lighting system, so the general user is able to adjust the brightness of the room in accordance with the activity of their choice.

Chisholm Institute of TAFE now has a fully integrated AV system that is consistent throughout their campuses. The customised AV System takes advantage of the different spaces, making full use of their lecture theatres and enables the user to transfer their knowledge of the AV system on one campus and set-up quickly to make an electrifying presentation at any of Chisholm’s other locations.