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Crossway Baptist Church

“InSight has set a new standard for quality and workmanship at Crossway Centre. The cabling is second to none and the system does exactly what we communicated it was to do.” Russell Oettinger

The Crossway Baptist Church has recently installed a new media system to share media across nine different spaces within their existing building. Crossway Baptist Church required that media could be controlled centrally for the main auditorium control room and additionally locally at each zone. The purpose of this installation was to provide clear communication during services and other large events. Crossway Baptist Church also provides for a number of smaller more intimate functions, therefore it was necessary to allow each of these nine zones to operate independently. This installation has greatly increased the usability of the space, and by providing different information to different zones users are able to quickly disseminate relevant information.

A range of different products were selected for this installation, these products were required to meet a budget whilst also providing users with a high quality output in an easy to operate, durable and reliable package. As a result 42” and 50” Panasonic displays were selected to be paired with Crestron touch panels and Extron speakers.

The original system installed at Crossway Baptist Church simply consisted of three display panels. The scope of the project included upgrading the current backbone cabling throughout the building, this involved working around the existing building features and internal structures. The technicians faced a number of challengers surrounding access and non-existent structural support issues. All of these issues were able to be addressed on-site and the end result is a building that is unaltered in appearance.

The installation involved integrating a Panasonic plasma display, a local DVD player, RGBHV Computer and audio input with a Crestron wall mounted controller in each of the first eight rooms. The last room, the Dining Room, involved installing a 2 x 2 video wall along with the same input devices and a Crestron wall mounted controller.

In the main control room a rack was installed to house the Crestron control processor that connects to each of the display panels; a Nexia DSP controlling the audio routing; and an Extron matrix switcher controlling content distribution. Creston 6” touch screens are located in the control room and the foyer act as control interfaces for the entire system. In order to provide remote access and maintenance to the system a Creston control is installed on the main computer system, this allows both internal users and our technicians to control, maintain or optimise the system from a PC or handheld device.

By listening to and understanding our clients needs our technicians, installers and designers were able to implement a system that perfectly suited the needs of our clients. Solid planning ensured that the project was completed quickly and on budget.