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Taking advantage of interactive technology – today.

The impact of the AV integration of 9 Interactive Whiteboards at Clayton South has been immediate with the introduction of the interactive classroom having a dramatic effect on their learning environment.  This school will be upgrading their buildings in the near future, so a solution was needed that would allow them to take advantage of the benefits of interactive technology today, but that was still a sound investment decision.

The installation was designed so that the Interactive Whiteboards could easily be moved at a later date at a minimum cost and Clayton South have used InSight Systems as their primary consultant for the Audio Visual planning of the new school buildings.

Post installation consultation, support and ongoing training with the school has maximised the potential and positive impact of this incredible interactive teaching aid.  Teachers have reported increased enjoyment and improved attention from their students

Clayton South Primary has also proved you don’t need to buy expensive software to get a great result from the board – they have developed a range of their own, hugely successful lesson plans.

This project in the education sector is proof that the team at InSight understands each of their client’s unique requirements and that we ensure they receive the highest quality installation.

Clayton South Primary School was a referral from Patterson Lakes Primary School where 25 Interactive Classrooms have been completed.

“I have been extremely impressed with (InSight System’s) professionalism and expertise in providing us with the knowledge and service that we require in order to upgrade to the latest interactive technology in our classrooms”.

Adam Broomfield
Assistant Principal
Clayton South Primary School

Testimonial from Clayton South Primary School

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