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Setting the standard in Meeting Room Equity at RMIT

We were honoured to partner closely with RMIT and leverage our extensive expertise in workplace technology to design and deliver exceptional AV solutions for the Asia Society Australia Trade & Innovation Hub Precinct.

Situated at RMIT’s Swanston Street campus, this cutting-edge space seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms, providing a versatile venue for both virtual and in-person gatherings. From policy dialogues to ground-breaking research, media engagement, and innovative online learning experiences, the Hub fosters collaboration and facilitates transformative exchanges.

Asia Society Australia, a respected non-profit organisation, plays an important role in fostering understanding and driving engagement between Asia and Australia through its diverse range of events and programs.

Guided by the leadership of Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and President of Asia Society Australia from January 2021 to March 2023, the organisation has already made noteworthy contributions to regional policy discussions.

We worked closely with RMIT’s IT Project Manager Madison Warren, who has this to say about our collaboration,“The Asia Society Project was a difficult scope to define, though made easy with the collaboration from InSight Systems.  With the changes and challenges faced during the design phase, the InSight Team, worked tirelessly to provide solutions to suit all cases.   Without the collaboration, patience and advanced knowledge from the InSight Systems team, the space would not be the success story it is today – establishing “RMIT’s footprint in Asia”.”


The brief was to transform an available space at the Swanston Street campus into a digitally connected and accessible space for the Asia Society Hub. This would enable various types of meetings, including interactive board meetings and events, to be conducted equitably. Nestled within RMIT’s vibrant CBD campus at the heart of Melbourne’s academic and innovation hub, the Hub serves as a dynamic gateway to Asia.

Creating an environment of meeting room equity was a crucial element of the brief as focus was placed on fostering fairness and inclusivity. Prioritising meeting room equity was important not only to amplify diverse perspectives and ideas but to also foster a sense of belonging and respect among participants.

Our team worked closely with the PSI (Policy, Strategy, Impact) team at RMIT to deliver the space as RMIT will also facilitate meetings from within the hub.


To achieve meeting room equity, workplace technology solutions were deployed, including video conferencing with recording and streaming capabilities, a large format video display wall, digital signage, and mobile video conferencing through MoCoW. These cutting-edge solutions enable seamless communication and collaboration, enhancing the overall functionality and effectiveness of the Asia Society Hub.

The design focus was driven by creating meeting room equity where everyone gets a seat which is equally distanced from the camera,speaker’s microphone, and screen. This is achieved within the room layout utilising the latest workplace technology advancements. A great example of this is a digital whiteboard, as the speaker writes on the physical whiteboard in the room, the content simultaneously appears the on digital whiteboard within the Teams platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and engagement.

We delivered two versatile event spaces, strategically placed digital signage in entry, a specialised capsule studio/vault meeting room and comprehensive system-wide management and monitoring capabilities.

Our solution encompassed multifaceted spaces that can be used for different purposes such as speaker sessions, panel discussions, digital board room, meetings and events while always ensuring equitable access to any type of meeting.   


The result is a dynamic and inclusive space that enables productive interactions, knowledge sharing, and engagement, while upholding the principles of meeting room equity across all types of meetings.

Resulting in a welcoming technically advanced learning Hub, creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment, allowing people to gain knowledge and experience inclusivity through shared interactions.

By actively promoting equity in meeting room environments, RMIT and Asia Society Australia can unlock the full potential of their community, leading to enhanced innovation, improved decision-making, and ultimately, a more successful and harmonious community.

We cannot wait to what RMIT and Asia Society is able to achieve at this incredibly versatile, in-person and digitally connected venue.

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