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Shaping the future of education at ACU with collaborative AV technology

The integration of seamless AV solutions at the Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building has been a remarkable achievement. Collaborating with ACU, builder Besix Watpac, and consultant AECOM, our team was proud to help bring the University’s AV requirements to life.

From the outset, our team established clear lines of communication with ACU, architects, builders, and consultants. This open dialogue gave a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and goals. Our project management team took the lead in coordinating all aspects of the AV integration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow from start to finish.

“Working with InSight Systems proved that audio visual integration does not need to be complex. Their can-do approach to every aspect of the project was welcomed. We would like all sub-contractors we employ to deliver beyond expectations and the team from InSight Systems did that for us,” said Barry Whewell, General Manager – Major and Special Projects at Besix Watpac.


The primary objective for the Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building was to implement AV solutions that fostered connectivity and collaboration, allowing students, faculty, and the community to engage in meaningful interactions. Renowned brands such as Panasonic, Crestron, Logitech, and Williams Sound were incorporated into the AV solutions, ensuring a consistent teaching and learning experience throughout the building.

Given the diverse AV requirements of the development of a new on-campus building, integration with ACU’s unified communications (UC) platform was paramount. Our team was able to customise solutions for each classroom, collaboration space, staff hub, amphitheatre, and lecture theatre, ensuring the best possible experience for all users.


Recognising the importance of creating versatile state-of-the-art educational spaces, we incorporated a range of innovative AV solutions. This included installing projectors in small classrooms to facilitate the streaming of lessons, ensuring effective and accessible remote learning. Students can easily connect to their classrooms, observing their lecturers while viewing the projected content or screen visible to physically present students. This approach enhances the learning experience for both in-person and remote students.

For larger spaces like lecture theatres, dual, single-projection, and repeat display technology was incorporated. This enables students to view class slides on-screen, regardless of their seating position within the theatre. Like the remote learning features in smaller classrooms, large lecture theatres can also broadcast each lecture to students engaging in remote learning.

To keep teachers, students and guests informed while navigating classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture theatres, ACU-related updates are now projected on digital signage throughout the building. 


The successful completion of the Kolkata Building project is a testament to effective communication and collaborative strategies. In today’s rapidly evolving world, effective digital communication strategies are essential in schools and universities. We recognise the importance of creating a seamless technology experience, considering the broader scope, and tailoring innovative, integrated, and adaptable solutions.

Dennis Craig, our Director of Projects and Operations, encapsulates the project perfectly, stating, “We have enjoyed being an integral part of the project and have worked closely with ACU, Besix Watpac and AECOM, as our commitment to culture, quality, and excellent service delivery align. We take great pride in shaping the future of education at ACU with collaborative AV technology.”

Our team knows successful AV integration projects hinge on effective project management and clear communication with all stakeholders. By prioritising collaboration, communication, transparency, and commitment to results, they deliver a client and stakeholder experience beyond expectations.

Our client Jon Morecroft, National Manager Campus Services, Client Services, Information Technology Directorate at Australian Catholic University had some wonderful feedback and results to share “I want to commend your team on the outstanding work they have done on the Saint Teresa of Kolkata building at Australian Catholic University’s Melbourne campus. We have passed through the stress test that was the first two weeks of semester; 616 classes required 4 support calls which is brilliant for such a significant rollout of new spaces. The InSight Systems team have all done marvellous work to produce such a good outcome especially given the length of the project.”

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