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This is the second part in a three-part-series on the Spotless case study. Stay tuned for the rest of the series. Click here to read part one or click here to read part three.

The Spotless boardroom has been designed with reliability, flexibility, and performance in mind, acting as a multipurpose space for board meetings, training sessions, video and audio conferencing. In conjunction with large visible displays and leading-edge audio components, the solution creates an environment where people can speak naturally and see clearly, even in this large spacious room, aiming to save Spotless time and money by enabling effective and efficient communication.



The boardroom will be equipped with visual displays at both ends of the boardroom table, projection at one end, and a large LCD screen at the other.

An NEC 65″ LCD screen will be wall mounted at the north end of the room, as the primary point for video conferencing, the Polycom Eagle Eye camera will be mounted above it. This will have the ability to display either a video conference, presentation from either of the HDMI/VGA, Bluray or Foxtel input.

The southern end will feature an NEC 5500 ANSI Lumen/ high brightness corporate projector, projecting a 120″ 16:10 image onto a motorised drop down projector screen. Both projector and motorised screen are automated via the AMX panel for control and to hide away into recessed ceiling boxes/lifts when not in use.

This projector has been selected due to its high reliability, control interfaces, image quality and light output, combating the large amount of natural light coming from the external windows, resulting in unimpeded image viewing at any time of the day.


Video Distribution

The video switching and distribution is performed by the Crestron Digital Media Matrix Switch. Unique in its ability to switch and scale analogue and digital signals, the DM system will also future proof the solution catering to current analogue and future digital requirements. The switcher also has the capacity to expand upon its inputs and outputs at a later stage. One HDMI and VGA/Audio input point will exist in the centre of the boardroom table, transmitting over a single Cat cable via a Crestron Digital Media system. Either of these points can be used to display content to the far end during a video conference call. A Bluray player is mounted in the equipment rack, playing CD, DVD or Bluray content onto either the LCD panel or projector, the Crestron DM and AMX systems allow for ultimate control and flexibility over all of the audio and video components in the solution.


The audio system has been designed as a dual use solution. The first being video conferencing and the second being a local instructor based solution, with a presenter in the room. There are specialised conferencing microphones for video conferencing, and a wireless lapel microphone for local broadcast training.


There are 12 wireless Revo Labs desktop microphones covering the table, with up to two people using each unit, positioned on the boardroom table as required. All of these microphones can be used at one time, configured with 5 down each side and one at each end of the table. The microphones avoid the need for messy cabling and tedious setup, simply removed from their charging dock and placed in their specified location when required. These high performance microphones have a minimal visual impact on the boardroom aesthetic, while having exceptional vocal qualities. This is coupled with a wireless lapel microphone that can be used in both video conferencing and training modes.



Featuring 12 x RCF MQ50C ceiling speakers placed around the outer edge of the boardroom table, providing even audio coverage throughout the room. These speakers have been selected for good performance in both presentation and video conferencing purposes. The narrow dispersion output will maximise video conferencing performance by minimising the audio output from reaching the sensitive desktop microphones, which results in feedback and a drop in performance.

The speakers are powered by a powerful LabGruppen class D power amplifier. With a worldwide reputation for sonic excellence and rock-solid durability, it features high efficiency, very low distortion, network control and built in protection and warning circuits preventing damage or service interruptions, for a long and trouble-free service life.

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

Clear audio signals are a critical component of a successful audio or video conference call. Being able to properly hear and speak to other call participants is vital as it will improve relations between co-workers, business partners, and clients.

The microphones will be programmed via two Clearone Audio Digital Signal Processors, providing a well-balanced echo free sound at the far end. Utilising there market leading adaptive audio conferencing technology, this real time adaptive modelling monitors key acoustical elements to predict and adapt to such changes, ensuring high quality audio, regardless of varying room dynamics. One Clearone DSP will feature an on board PSTN interface, allowing for conference calls performed on regular phones lines. A second DSP without a PSTN line will also be installed in the equipment rack, working together to provide noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancelation, and microphone priority management for all microphones, ensuring clear audio reproduction at all times.


The entire solution is controlled via an AMX 5″ Wireless Touch Screen controller, programmed to be a user friendly interface between the user and the audio visual, video conferencing and lighting systems. The touch screen layout is compliant with the Spotless branding and corporate image, the common layout and operation allows users to quickly and easily use the control systems in different rooms throughout the building. The controller has the ability to select inputs, outputs, dial video and audio conference calls, turn on the LCD panel, projector and screen, and interface with lighting. The touch panel is wall mounted immediately beside the entry point of the room for easy accessibility and shares consistency with the Spotless Foyer AMX touch panel.



This solution utilises carefully selected key audio and video components and technologies, combining the Polycom Eagle Eye HD Camera, mounted above the 65″ LCD panel on the north wall, and the Polycom HDX8000 video conference Codec mounted in the rack. The Polycom HDX8000 units have had Microsoft real time video services enabled, which can transmit HD signal between Microsoft Lync and the Polycom units. Combined with the previously mentioned Clearone DSP’s, Crestron DM system, controlled via the AMX panel, the solution is seamlessly integrated to create a high quality conferencing solution. Aimed at overcoming all of the issues Spotless faced in there previous boardroom, microphone, audio clarity, reliability and the ability to combine remote phone based participants into the solution have now become a priority, going from what was a weakness to a strength.


A 27RU lockable equipment rack has been installed, housing a surge protected power rail, the Polycom HDX8000, two new Clearone DSP’s, two Lab Gruppen amplifiers, Crestron Digital/Analogue matrix switcher, Samsung Bluray player and PC. This is installed in the south-west corner of the room so as to provide the maximum ventilation and ensure reliability, as well as isolate any operational noise from the users in the room.

Commissioning, Training and Service

Once the system was completed our commissioning team went over the installation to make sure it is of the highest quality, and installed as per the design brief. Once passed by the commissioning team, we organised a training session on the use of Boardroom audio visual system, also providing additional documentation and user guides detailing the solution. A Bronze care level of support has been included on this project, this service package includes; a 12 month on-site warranty, life-time warranty on workmanship and access to the InSight Systems helpdesk.