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Video wall

This is the third part in a three-part-series on the Spotless case study. Click here to read part one or click here to read part two

Video Wall Display

Spotless selected a NEC video wall for their Australia locations. The NEC video wall consists of 16 x 46” X461UNV NEC panels in a 4 x 4 configuration, this orientation allows the wall to maintain the original 16:9 screen aspect ratio.

Total video wall dimensions are 4.1m x 2.5, creating an impressive image size of 185”.

The combined weight of these panels is 469kg, plus the weight of the mounting hardware and frame meant that additional reinforcement of the mounting wall was required. This resulted in the need to work closely with the architects and engineers in order to create highly accurate documentation and drawings to specify appropriate mounting structure for the displays.


Control of their Video Wall

The control in the foyer is provided by an AMX 7” Modero Wall/Flush Mount touch panel.

The touch-panel is secured through password protection, therefore correct authorisation is required before any touch panel functions can be utilised. The panel allows for control of the video wall, power toggling, video and audio sources, volume control and configuration. The panel can be remotely accessed over the network, the same GUI appearing on your PC as displayed on the actual panel, this can be secured either with the same or a different password for access.


Audio visual inputs are located at both the rack location and the Ground Floor Concierge Desk, providing the most flexibility for connectivity to the panels, which have daisy chained DVI and CAT control cabling to each panel.

Complying with the Spotless video wall Australia brief, the solution can display static images, presentations, video files and cable television. This is achieved with the use of the NEC Live digital signage solution, running on a custom built PC with built-in capture running on the windows platform.

A drag and drop based environment allows for the interaction and display of text, pictures, video and external data feeds such as RSS feeds. The screens will support split screen content as NEC live supports several different channels during playback. Each channel plays independently with the content from each channel shown on the same display. It is possible to either define the channel in a split screen format or layered to achieve other objectives such as news feeds, company logo’s or adding special effects such as snow falling or moving windows.


Six slimline aesthetically pleasing JBL CBT50 line array column speakers are spaced evenly through the foyer, allowing for quality audio output from BGM, MATV, PC or microphone sources.

The microphone source is a wireless lapel microphone, enabling large presentations to be made in the space such as the grand opening of the office.


Commissioning, Training and Service

Upon completion, the InSight Systems commissioning team went over the installation to make sure it is of the highest quality, and installed as per the design brief. Once passed by the commissioning team, client for training was conducted, in addition to providing additional documentation and user guides detailing the solution. InSight Systems also provided a Bronze care level of support allowing for an on-site warranty, with our attention and detailed maintenance ensuring all components are operational for this crucial time for the business.

Spotless has proven the effectiveness of these video walls in Australia. Contact us to get a customize solution that is designed for your business.

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