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University High School is a prestigious school located in Parkville, Melbourne. With a proud history and excellent academic results.

In recent years they have been investing heavily in information and communication technologies and so engaged InSight Systems when upgrading the Technology in their Multi-Purpose Hall.

The scope of the project included installing a partial PA System, 220” motorised rear projection system, Crestron Digital Media Video System, Crestron Control System, and Wireless Microphones.


The room is used as a theatre for various productions, in addition to sporting activities during the school day.

Being a large hall with a ceiling height of almost 12 meters the installation team were faced with a few hurdles as the PA had to be suspended from the ceiling, whilst also being positioned accurately to provide an even coverage across the space, along with keeping reverb times down as the space alone has quite poor acoustic properties.

The result was a clear, intelligible system provided largely by the RCF TT HD Powered Speakers. Visible intrusion was kept to a minimum and both units were positioned in such a way that primary reflections were kept to a minimum. The results were less induced reverb from the system.


The 220” Projector screen weighed almost 400Kg and therefore required a solid, stable, and safe mounting mechanism. Using their experience in the theatre industry, the installation team were able to rig a system to fly the screen from the fly tower grid on stage. This left the screen hanging just behind the front of house curtain.


Visibility of the canister from seating areas was kept to a minimum, and the screen was attached in such a way that movement whilst in operation was non-existent. The shear size of the image meant that all seating places within the hall were provided with a clear image, and the overall result was an outstanding picture provided by an NEC PA series projector.

The installation method for both the audio and video systems allows for quick and easy maintenance, while the largely IP based control system allows for easy monitoring and future updates. All in all the system impressed both the client and the design team at InSight Systems.

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