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This is the second part of the Vanuatu case study. Click here for part one.


The building designed by Sprung consisted of a large tent like structure with large aluminium ribs and an inner and outer skin of a stretched PVC material. This provided the building with strength and long-term durability but also ensured a quick and easily construction. This did however cause potential issues in installing cabling and mounting required bracket hardware. To overcome this InSight Systems provided a detailed cable layout so that a local electrician was able to install cables and mounting points before the inner skin of the building was attached .


During a site visit conducted prior to installation, it was discovered that the power in Vanuatu would fluctuate between 190V AC to 260V AC, even dropping off line for hours at a time. In order to overcome this a Thor PS10 power conditioner and an APC UPS were added to our design. This ensured that the power supplied to the equipment rack was constant and the correct voltage. Without a power conditioner and UPS the system would not have functioned, and it is very likely that the equipment would have been seriously damaged in one of the many surges.

The absence of audio visual suppliers and manufacturers in Vanuatu meant that all of the required products, including cabling, were to be shipped from our office in Australia. Due to the geographic distance it was important that all of the products were thoroughly tested to ensure that everything was fully operational and that there were no faults.  The short project delivery timeframe would have blown-out, as it would be difficult to receive replacement units in a timely manner. To overcome this InSight Systems built a fully functional replica of the system to test the operation and configuration of all components and aspects of the system.


Campbell Beeson, director of Pacific Retailing who operate Sound Centre and Prouds in Port Vila, Vanuatu, was locally engaged by Warwick Group to manage the installation and supply continued support and maintenance of the installed system. Campbell provided exceptional local knowledge and support for our team and additional labour resources to ensure the smooth and timely completion of the project. Campbell and his family were also generous enough to provide hospitality for the InSight Systems installation team and ensured their experience of Vanuatu was a good one..

Shane Bailey from National Audio Systems supplied the speaker and amplifier systems used in this project. Shane recommended InSight Systems as the preferred supplier of this system to Campbell Beeson and Warwick Group of Hotels.

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