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Modern Installation in Classical Architecture

A nationally high achieving girls school has a mixture of historical and modern buildings as their learning base. To provide the best education the school ensures their AV Systems are regularly maintained and upgraded by InSight Systems.

The Reid Studio was once a beautiful ballroom and is now utilized for arts performances, functions and other related activities by the students. Further enhancing the range of activities and scope of work that could be carried out, InSight Systems was employed to install an innovative AV system that would complement the beautiful historical building.

With floor to ceiling windows framing the main stage, the previously installed projector and 90-inch screen were not suitable for such a large space with generous lighting. InSight Systems’ researched to find the best projector within budget that enhanced the presentation experience. With 4200 ANSI lumens, the Epson XGA super-bright projector now illuminates a 150-inch motorized screen, making it perfect for the well lit Reid Studio.

The client now has full advantage of an AV System, set in a beautiful historical building, equipping the staff and students with resources for any of their chosen activities.