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RMIT move into OurPlace@QV

The RMIT OurPlace@QV (Building 106) project is the latest in a range of projects designed to increase efficiencies and transition to new ways for the RMIT Ops teams to work collaboratively.

Utilising technologies like room booking systems and wayfinding teamed with innovative collaborative and ad-hoc spaces, the new technology supports and enhances the Ops team workflows.

The three-floor tenancy includes a stunning atrium reborn as Ngargee (‘gathering place’ in the local Woiwurrung language), a town hall, and presentation spaces to provides RMIT the most collaborative and flexible workplace its staff has ever enjoyed. Standardising the Microsoft Teams platform through a Crestron backbone. Staff in the office, and the vast majority working remotely at the moment, enjoy the same reliable and easy-to-use AV experience in every space.

InSight Systems worked very closely with RMIT stakeholders, builder SHAPE, and key suppliers to deploy and now manage the entire AV technology echo system.

Technology Overview

Crestron’s Flex suite of products integrating with Teams are deployed throughout Building 106 along with their AirMedia wireless presentation systems. TSS 10.1” touchscreens are deployed for room booking and control. NEC are the display provider of choice. Small meeting rooms are controlled via the Crestron RMC3 media controller. Medium meeting rooms benefit from a Crestron Soundbar, and Large meeting rooms add DSP, Crestron Soundbar, video scaler while Extron amplifier driving JBL ceiling speakers. Audio capture for VC is handled by  Beyerdynamic boundary mics.

The two Multifunction rooms sport AKG and Revolabs wireless microphones, Epson projectors beaming to motorised retractable screens, and Sony PTZ cameras. The audio systems are managed by QSC Q-SYS core 110fs, which drive JBL ceiling speakers via Extron amplification. Extron’s SMP351 is used for lecture capture, and signal distribution is via Extron’s twisted pair HDMI transceivers/receivers. The rooms can be linked and used for presentations, VC, and distance learning. Opening to the atrium, they can also be used for pre-function drinks.

The north-south running Terrace is a collaborative workspace that is totally wired for sound. 25 JBL pendant speakers and 24 JBL wall mount speakers are powered by Extron amps and controlled via a Q-SYS core 110f, which includes input from a Bluesound network media player. NEC screens through the Terrace can take inputs from the Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation system. An innovative Atlas IED Sound Masking Generator is used to send a type of white noise through the space to provide staff with auditory privacy in the open-plan environment.

A specialised Training and Meeting room, while operable as a perfectly standard meeting room, can be taken over by the Critical Incident Management Team at the touch of a button. Its multiple screens can flip over to ‘Advanced Mode’ enabling multiple video and CCTV sources to be routed to the room, and be recorded with time-stamping to create a detailed record of any incident on campus.

Digital signage has been upgraded throughout with NEC displays powered by Bright Sign networked digital signage players.

User Experience

What we’ve achieved is a consistent user experience. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large room, the AV system looks and operates in exactly the same way. There’s uniform audio coverage, uniform mic pickup, the cameras are all positioned in the same place in each space, and the room booking system in front of each room is identical.

The Crestron platform really shines in a complicated environment.

Ngargee – The Meeting Place

The three-story Ngargee sits in an atrium that was a void under the previous tenancy. Its two enormous 170” NEC LED screens to frame a breathtaking view out to the intersection of Melbourne Central and its own three imposing LED signs, exactly as the architect envisioned. It’s a town hall and event space that holds around 100 people and was deliberately designed to be a ‘wow’ space for the University, fit to host dignitaries and special events.

It’s equipped with a Quest amplifier and loudspeaker system fed by a Q-SYS Core 110f, taking inputs from AKG and Revolabs wireless microphones, and an Audio-Technica table mic. Sony PTZ cameras focus on presentations, and BrightSign digital signage players activate the huge screens when not be used for events. The sound system was painstakingly modeled and acoustic treatments installed so the PA in use never disrupts those working in nearby spaces. Broadcast tie-lines at the front and rear of the space are available to media.

RMIT saw Ngargee as an opportunity to do something special including the creation of the tiered seating and the required AV spec. It’s now a resource that can be used Uni-wide and is bookable. The soundproofing is amazing; there are work areas right next to it, and the designers have done a really good job of keeping them acoustically separate.

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