Remote Monitoring of AV Equipment

With the ever increasing need to do more with less, and wherever possible promote social distancing, there has never been a more relevant time to provide a remote monitoring solution that can provide automated alerts, with the ability to remotely access any device and remediate issues without the need to attend physically to the room. Read More

Complete AV service of Smart home, apartment and private plane.

InSight Systems has worked with this client creating a unique AV system to provide comfort, security and entertainment at his residence, his city apartment and luxury aircraft. Equipment maintenance is carried out by InSight Systems and when a problem arises, staff are quickly on hand to ensure our client maximises the use… Read More

RMIT move into OurPlace@QV

The RMIT OurPlace@QV (Building 106) project is the latest in a range of projects designed to increase efficiencies and transition to new ways for the RMIT Ops teams to work collaboratively. Read More

Strengthen communication with video conferencing

Video conferencing has become more prevalent in recent years due to advancements in technology and an increase in remote work and remote learning. With video conferencing, individuals and teams can communicate and collaborate in real-time from different locations, reducing the need for in-person meetings and travel.  Additionally, video conferencing allows… Read More


Samsung’s new city store: AV solutions for making the tech experts look great When a big brand opens a new retail shop in the heart of Melbourne it has to be not just good, but great. This is especially true when the shop is all about showcasing the latest in technology. … Read More

VR as an Audio Visual Technology

Like a video game, virtual reality (VR) technology allows participants to experience the world in simulated environments. But it may also change the game for the AV businesses. Read More