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20 Years of InSight: Building a thriving business.

In the dynamic world of audio-visual integration, Daniel Baldwin and Wayne Schultz, the visionaries behind InSight Systems, have not only weathered storms but have also triumphed over two decades of challenges, growth, and success. They both sat down for an in-depth conversation with Myke Ireland, the Director of Technology at InSight Systems, sharing the captivating story of their entrepreneurial journey.

The narrative unfolds from the very beginning, tracing back to the moment Wayne and Dan’s paths first crossed. Taking listeners through the inception of Dr Audio, where the shared dream of creating a business that prioritised understanding clients over simply selling products became a reality.  Fast forward as the industry progresses, they too evolve, expanding the scope of their expertise. This evolution culminates in a strategic rebranding, shaping the identity recognised today as InSight Systems.

Wayne and Dan talks about the reasons the business is still thriving 20 years on.  They talk about how relationship matters, hard work and risk-taking, having fun, value over sales and so much more.

“We wanted to be a business that actually takes notice of what a client wants, not just selling something out of a catalogue.” Said Wayne

The future looks bright at InSight Systems with Dan and Wayne at the helm where their core principals have held them in good stead. They both express their commitment to staying aligned with their ideal clients. They emphasise the importance of knowing their direction, understanding their value proposition, and remaining focused on their long-term vision.

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