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James Cameron has created 3D mania since the release of his blockbuster ‘Avatar’.

Electronic manufacturing giants have seen an opportunity in the AV market to create a product that will be a must have for every home cinema and realistically will replicate the plasma/LCD craze that has swept the globe over the last 10years.

JVC have taken it one step further by creating a new line of projectors that are not only 3D ready but also 1080p capable, ensuring the top quality, crisp picture we have become use to is not lost.



The release of this projector line has not been rushed with engineering encompassing all the best features of a high quality projector, with JVC being the first to receive THX 3D Certification.

The projectors currently in the Procision Series are:


Stand-alone features of the projectors include increased contrast ratios ranging from 50,000:1 to 100,000:1, improved colour calibration that complies with ISF professional standards and Full HD 1020 x 1080 resolution.

The 3D component includes the extra purchase of a JVC Signal Transmitter and Shutter glasses that will provide a fantastic, personal 3D experience in your home cinema with a clear signal from the transmitter overcoming any variations in set-up configurations. Included in their make-up is a HDMI 1.4a input enabling the seamless integration of current devices, due to HDMI backward compatibility and transfer of the highest quality of uncompressed data with compatible HDMI1.4a devices.

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