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The AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 is an all-in-one audio and control processor designed for small to medium sized applications. Featuring 12 inputs, 8 outputs and an integrated real-time task scheduler, the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 offer flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.



The AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 allows control over all inputs settings and the control of the settings in all of the output zones. This allows the user to optimise the output to both the amplifier and speaker systems leading to an incredible sound in any room. Through the integrated RS232 serial ports it is possible to program and control external devices, giving the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 great flexibility in any deployment.

Inputs and outputs

  • The AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 has 12 analogue inputs, six are balanced phoenix and six are RCA.
  • One digital SPDIF input and output is also available.
  • Eight RCA outputs can be configured via the GII (Graphic Installer Interface) to be mono, stereo, 2.1, stereo 2-way or mono 2-way.

The apart AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 offers a flexible solution to audio control and processing at a very affordable price. To find out more about audio processing call 1300 369 451 to speak to an audio visual consultant.

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