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Audio Visual As a Service

As audiovisual systems become more complex and converge within the IT framework, more corporations and institutions are choosing to focus on their core business while partnering with specialists to support their non-core activities. InSight Systems is a leader in the “As a Service” delivery for the audiovisual and IT sectors. Our offerings provide easy-to-administer, cost-effective, tailored solutions across a range of areas to ensure your critical systems function at their peak. Your technology is supported, maintained, and refreshed according to predetermined timeframes, all for a fixed monthly cost, reducing the need for large capital expenditure budgets.

AV As A Service

Our team can provide a completely tailored solution at a known monthly fee for the life of the technology and beyond.

VC As A Service

Managing your video conference equipment is a headache! Let us help by managing everything from your infrastructure to licenses.

Support As A Service

Do you have AV and IT invested in multiple rooms and/or locations? Our team will ensure your critical systems remain at peak performance.

AV Concierge Services

This service provides a blend of a full time onsite technical and event services team, with 24/7 monitoring support and issue resolution.

Audio Visual Services

When contemplating new builds or refurbishments that include audiovisual technology, our professional “As a Service” team can provide a complete tailored solution at a prearranged monthly fee for the lifespan of the technology and beyond. You can bundle your AV solution to also include:

  • Design
  • Complete system integration
  • Commissioning
  • Technology lifecycle refresh every 3 or 5 years
  • Service response
  • Complete responsibility for system ongoing operation and availability including equipment swap out should failures occur
  • Remote monitoring, help desk
  • Proactive preventative maintenance
InSight Systems team

Support As A Service

If your organisation has AV and IT coupled technology invested in multiple rooms or locations, InSight Systems “Support as a Service” will provide you with assurance that these critical systems will remain at peak performance and will be available when needed. Should issues occur, we will deal with them in a rapid and professional manner – all for a pre-established monthly fee. “Support as a Service” may include:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or biannual proactive preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 monitored service desk
  • Remote system monitoring and issue resolution (where available)
  • Rapid onsite response time (24-hour, 3-hour, 30-minutes, or 15-minutes – depending cover type)
  • Onsite technical support team
  • Single call response to AV and IT issues in AV spaces

Video Conferencing (VC) As A Service

Video conferencing is changing rapidly. Today, businesses can use a multitude of appliances and applications to collaborate and communicate. It can be difficult for businesses to keep on top of changing technology and merge existing systems with new technologies.

InSight Systems’s Video Conferencing As a Service takes all the pressure away from you. We will assume responsibility for your current VC infrastructure, manage licensing and firmware compliance, recommend and undertake product lifecycle refresh, manage VC bookings, coordinate multipoint, multiplatform VC calls, and maintain and support the systems – all for a cost-effective monthly fee.

Audio Visual Concierge Services

For ultimate AV/IT systems support and complete piece of mind, there is AV Concierge Service from InSight Systems. This service provides a combination of a full-time, onsite technical and event services team with 24/7 monitored help desk, remote monitoring, and issue resolution.

You can tailor and scale the full-service AV Concierge to suit your requirements by choosing anything from 365 days a year to monthly or weekly onsite presence. The service provides event and production management, rolling preventative maintenance, proactive room-ready checks and client connection services. It ensures any technical issues are resolved by the AV Concierge team before they have the chance to reach clients. This is our most complete service, charged on a monthly basis.