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Audio Visual Automation

At InSight Solutions, we take your control systems to the next level with AV automation. We offer programming that enables you to find available rooms, to identify their resources, and to activate these resources at the start of meetings. By networking all your communications and building systems to a central control room, you can resolve issues much faster – for instance, you can identify the failure or glitch, address the problem, and fix the issue as soon as possible to limit disruptions. The technology we offer will also give you a better understanding of how employees use meeting rooms, what resources they are utilizing, and which users are the most active.

Another benefit of AV management systems: reduced maintenance costs. By handling digital equipment glitches through remote troubleshooting or by rebooting from a remote location, you lower expenses related to the equipment controlled by the system.

AV Automation Workplace Trends

  • Employees have more control over the technology they use, with the option to personalise settings on AV systems
  • A preference toward network-controlled video communications systems for greater uptime
  • Organisations manage and monitor AV systems through cloud-based services

What We Provide

With our control programming, all users are satisfied, including those who prefer to rely on automation and those seeking a high level of personalisation. With standardised room systems and space designs, you will need just a single management platform to oversee your assets and to scale additional spaces.

  • Custom programming
    • Receive the quality you expect from your workplace with collaboration, presentation, and engagement features.
  • Proactive, remote monitoring of your AV systems and video collaboration technology
    • We host key modules of RMS behind your firewall to receive a real-time overview of all the AV and video systems in your network. This allows us to address problems without delay.
  • Insight into your AV system health and usage
    • Use our remote management platform to view the status of every room and device. As a facility manager, you can use this feature to ensure all available rooms are being put to optimal use. Employees can find the most appropriate room and tools for high productivity and receive instant notifications if any technical issues should arise.

Why Work With InSight Systems?

Partnering with us ensures your message gets through with the latest innovations in video display technology. No matter the size of your audience or video installation, InSight Systems has the experience to design, build, integrate, and support video walls that effectively share your content with the target audience. Our first step is to consult with your team to define your needs, goals, and objectives. This collaborative process ensures that the installation becomes an asset your organisation can use to effectively convey your message while efficiently managing your communication efforts.