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Audio Visual Equipment for a Luxury Home


The Ultimate Smart Home

In this project, our client wanted the ultimate home automation solution – a home that oozes modern convenience, effortless ambience and environmental consciousness.

Found on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley, this house showcases the best in energy, lighting, security, and AV system management that audio visual equipment can provide. This smart home uses a combination of sensor activators, programmable schedules, intuitive touch-screens and leading edge automation, making for very simple living.

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How does this audio visual equipment make it simple? For starters the house actually knows when you enter a room or zone and sets itself up to make you and your family comfortable!
It does this through the security and video surveillance systems which detect and log movement within the house. This not only provides first-rate home security, it also triggers the home automation system into action.

This movement data is sent to the Energy Management System which accesses further information from light level sensors as well as time of day and sunrise / sunset data. This clever house, will then check in with the family’s predetermined preferences and adjust the lighting accordingly.

For example, say it’s the middle of the night and you need a glass of water. As you get out of bed and move through the house to the kitchen, lighting will be activated at 15%. This allows you to swiftly maneuver through the home without waking the rest of the family and never flicking a switch. Brilliant!

Other systems within the house also reference light and temperature sensors, time of day and sunrise/sunset data to maximise both family comfort and energy efficiency. The heating, exhaust fans, water pumps, blinds, curtains and roller shutters will also automatically adjust to meet the family’s ideal conditions.

Audio Visual Equipment

Two AMX Netlinx control processors provide the brains of the system with custom software controlling the C-Bus hardware, Concept security system, Pacom video surveillance system and all audio and video components within the home (high-end Marantz, Meridian and Escient solutions).

Three 8.4″ AMX wireless touch panels, three iPod Touch control panels and a fixed control panel give the family accessible and intuitive control of their home.Now entertain me

A house like this would not be complete without a state-of-the-art home entertainment set-up. There are 10 separate audio zones that allow users within the home to listen to their music from their own source or from a centralized music server. This house would not be complete without an impressive dedicated home theatre with full HD vision and a digital surround sound, all operated at the touch of a button.

The audio visual equipment selection, detailed programming and professional integration of this system has truly created a modern automation masterpiece.

It truly is the ultimate Smart Home.