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Virtual meeting room (VMR) collaboration services from InSight Systems combine a number of real-time conferencing tools (voice, video, content, and web) all in one solution. This allows users to connect whenever and wherever they are from any device. Our suite of VMR solutions is suitable for all equipment and customised for your activities and infrastructure needs.

Workplace Trends

  • Many businesses now have employees situated outside the traditional office environment. A mobile workforce requires solutions that allow it to connect to colleagues in the office and to ensure employees feel just as valued.
  • More companies and workers are demanding self-service collaboration tools.
  • Similarly, businesses want a single solution to cover all their voice, video, text messaging, and desktop sharing needs.
  • Users want to be able to access video collaboration tools without needing to put in many hours to learn how to use various functions.

What We Provide

InSight Systems partners with leading providers in self-service video collaboration solutions to bring you the features, deployment options, and pricing models you demand. You can choose an option that best fits your operational, IT, and financial requirements. Our four deployment models are:

  • As-a-Service Cloud Model: We directly host, manage, and support this multi-tenant conferencing environment at InSight Systems. You will buy access to all the resources typically found in a conferencing-as-a-service model, but AVI-SPL owns the hardware, the storage, and the network, all of which is shared amongst multiple clients. A benefit of this option is that it’s an OPEX model and you can buy VMR access on a subscription basis.
  • Hosted Private Cloud Model: If you’d prefer a single-tenant environment, opt for this model. You will own all the hardware, the storage, and the network, but we will store the hardware in an InSight data centre.
  • On-Premises Model: This is a similar option to the above, in that you again own the hardware, storage, and network. However, you will handle your own storage independently. InSight Systems Professional Services will install and activate the hardware onsite for you.
  • Hybrid Model: If you’ve already invested in hardware, hybrid software deployment is always an option. This will allow you to add cloud to your current environment.

As Your Usage Grows, So Does VMR

We understand that you plan to grow your business, which is why we offer the option to increase VMR capacity whenever you want. You can add more users to your plan or from the start choose a subscription model with automatic overage to ensure meetings always start on time and run as intended. At InSight Systems, we also provide higher levels of service that include HD quality and remote monitoring and management.

The Value of VMR

  • Just one solution for all your video, web, and audio collaboration
  • The chance to connect to any standards-based or software-based clients and devices in a single call
  • Interoperable with H.323, SIP, WebRTC, and Skype for Business
  • Access whenever you wish, with no prior reservation necessary, just like you were making a phone call
  • Have a conference room wherever you are, any hour of the day and any day of the week
  • Receive service-class quality and security
  • Choose between a variety of usage and pricing consumption models

Why Work With InSight Systems?

Numerous companies offer self-service collaboration tools, but we have something that makes us different: we will work with you to understand your business and your goals. We will use this information first to recommend the right deployment model for you and then to build a solution around this model, including the design, building, integration, and support of your collaboration spaces. This will provide you with a road map you can use to see how you could expand in the future and will show you what resources you would need to increase the user base of your VMR solution.

If you would like more information, please contact us on 1300 369 451 or email