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Choosing the Right Video Wall

Video wall

Have you ever noticed a video wall planted high above the streets in towns? The content displayed on them can vary largely depending on their owners’ preference. These screens are referred to as video walls. There are several factors that should be taken into account when selecting your video wall setup. Any entrepreneur understands the importance of these large-scale video projecting screens. They can literally be set up in any location given that a few factors are taken into account.

1. Video wall (physical) location 

The physical location should always be taken into account. It is a huge determinant of how rewarding setting up your video wall can be. A video wall set up high above where customers can easily spot it from afar is more rewarding in terms of the number of impressions you can gain a day at any given time.

2. Overall customer interaction with the video wall

How customers will react to your video wall is also vital. A good video wall will attract all kinds of customers with each of them wanting to try out your products or services. Finding an appropriate physical location for setting up your video wall is also closely tied to how customers will interact with your content.

3. Type of content to advertising and display on the video wall

When determining the kind of content to display on your video wall, understand how it may impact your customers. Only age appropriate content should be advertised on your video walls as this may not rub off with your clients in the right way if done without care. Your video content should also not be biased in any way and focus on attracting all kinds of customers to your business. You will be surprised at how effective this point is when establishing your wall.

Video wall around doorways

4. Cost of setting up the video wall

You should also be considering how costly your video wall may end up being. Working under a budget will allow you to work within your safe zone and avoid any miscellaneous spending that may cost you an extra dime. Every penny is worth accounting for in businesses. Work within your limits and ensure that you spend just enough to keep your business running. The cost of maintaining your video wall should also be considered here. Select a location that will not cost you an extra amount of maintaining your video wall.

5. Type of display (size and aspect ratio)

The kind of display you decide to put up will also determine how effective your video wall ends up being. The size of your display screen should also matter where a large display screen will be easier to notice from afar and gather you more customer impressions. On the other hand, a smaller display screen will be easier to notice at close ranges only. The aspect ratio of your video wall is also important to note. A great aspect ratio with a small display screen may cause some of the content to appear disfigured and unprofessional. This may end up costing you even more clients if not corrected early enough so far.

6. Security of your video wall

How secure is your video wall? Ensure that you select a video wall location that is both easy to access and secure. You should also ensure that your video is at a location that is less likely to be vandalised and destroyed. This will save you future costs if such an incidence occurs.

Video walls around doorways in an office building

7. The flexibility of video walls

Ensure that you select a video wall that is both flexible and easily upgraded to fit your future advertisement needs. This can save you on the cost of having to find and create a new video wall each time a new niche comes up so far.

These are the 7 key factors that you should take into account the next time you consider setting up a video wall. A great video wall may be all your business needs for that extra aspect in the advertisement. Going this big will be more rewarding than any other way you choose to go for. For the readers who may be considering of setting up their new video walls, these few points may help you in selecting the right video walls for your business.

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