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How to Disinfect your Touch screen or display surface

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are being asked by our clients and their families, what is the best way to clean and Disinfect your Touch Screen. Wether it be a Touch Screen, Touch Panel, Laptop or Interactive Display the cleaning process is the same but be aware of non glass surfaces which can be a bit more delicate to clean.

In almost every home or workplace, touch screens are used to provide information to those around them. In a lot of cases, we physically interact with those screen and are required to touch them to provide the information we need. Given the current COVID-19 situation facing all of our customers and their families, we wanted to provide simple steps on how to clean and disinfect your touchscreens, and help protect the people who use them.

As advised by the Australian Government and relevant health departments, frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces is important however lots of people do not know the correct method and risk damaging their devices if they Disinfect your Touch Screen incorrectly. The following steps outline the simple process to ensure you can keep your devices clean and disinfected while limiting the risk of damage from unsuitable cleaners.

The most recommended method to Disinfect your Touch Screen involves using any commercially available non-ammonia glass or disinfectant cleaner. In Australia, cleaner is readily available at suppliers such as Officeworks and Winc. You should apply a small amount of cleaner directly to a microfibre or lint free disposable towel or cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp and not wet as you don’t want drips of cleaning solvent entering damaging the devices electronics.

Wipe the glass touchscreen clean with the cloth. Do not apply cleaner directly to any interface as most systems are not waterproof. Please avoid wiping any plastic bezel surrounding the glass or screen as it can sometimes be damaged by the cleaner. If you have a non-glass touch surface, try using a damp cloth first without any cleaner.

Please stay safe and if you need any assistance, please reach out to one of the InSight Systems team on 1300 369 451. For more helpful advice or to look at how to videos, head over to our YouTube channel.