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How You Can Own Interactive Technology on a Tight Budget

The best way to attract and maintain someone’s attention (be it your colleagues, boss or pupils) is through interactivity. Advancement in interactive technology has brought what has previously been a complicated, expensive and technically challenging product into a simple well priced category with great applications in education, corporate and the government sector.

World renowned manufacturer Epson showcases this with the release of their latest projector the Epson EB-455Wi. This model replaces the Epson EB-450Wi with increased features and functions whilst supporting the key benefit of this line, an interactive unit that removes the need for an interactive whiteboard by transforming most surfaces into an interactive space.


Boasting 12W speakers, 2,500 ANSI lumens, network functionality, low power consumption and long lamp life, this ultra short-throw projector is fantastic based on these features alone. What sets it apart from other projectors is its ability to create an interactive workspace on hard flat surfaces. Where it surpasses its predecessor, the EB-450Wi is its new and improved interactive functions, such as:

  • Table top processing – set the projector up upright and you can create an interactive surface on the table-top.
  • Ink function upgrade – this enables the user to annotate and save in Microsoft formats.
  • Interactive Pen – provides interactive drawing and mouse functionality.

These upgrades provide endless opportunities for those in the education and business environments. The ink function will allow you to have documents on screen for everyone to see and nothing in your brainstorms will be lost by changing it then and there. Turning your table top into an interactive workspace propels this interactive unit ahead of interactive whiteboards in its flexibility of application. Also working in the EB-455Wi’s favour is the reduced amount of hardware decreasing internal modifications required, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing environment.

One of the EB-450Wi’s top features was that it allowed those on a tight budget to have an interactive device. This is still true for the EB-455Wi but its upgrades are surpassing this added benefit. It makes you wonder whether we will see interactive whiteboards in the future or will technology advancements replace them altogether?

Investigate the Epson EB-455Wi’s Features and Capabilities.