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Monash Univeristy - Jock Marshall Reserve Dual Labs

Jock Marshall Reserve Audio Visual Solutions

Monash Uni build a specialised facility for tests and experiments

The Jock Marshall Reserve was developed as a dedicated teaching and research area for Monash University’s School of Biological Science. Jock Marshall Reserve features laboratories with fully equipped tank rooms for aquatic based research and outdoor aviaries for viewing opportunities all set among a pristine rural environment. Over the Universities 2017 summer break, Jock Marshall Reserve saw the addition of a new facility, the Dual Learning Labs, a specialised facility for students to conduct classes, and carry out tests and experiments. The labs include an array of specially designed audio visual technologies which enable better learning outcomes for Monash’s students.

Audio Visual Solutions

The new Dual Learning Labs feature 2 collaborative learning and lab workspaces, each seating 56 students. Each lab is equipped with 3 projectors displaying content on motorised projector screens, and includes wired and wireless presentation methods. Students and teachers are able to connect to the presentation system with their own devices to share and present information with each other. Ceiling speakers located above the centre of each table ensure the facilitator’s instructions can be heard by all students. To accommodate large class sizes, an operable wall allows the two labs to be combined into one large laboratory with a single AV system.


Jock Marshall Reserve Audio Visual Solutions


InSight Systems has worked with Monash University and CHW on a number of projects and we were delighted to be engaged in providing AV services for the Dual Learning Labs. Our involvement in the project resulted in an efficient and user friendly laboratory for both staff and students.


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