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Enter a university campus, retail store, meeting room, lobby, auditorium, cinema, hotel, sports bar, airport, or house of worship and you’ll likely be met with the same sight: an LED video wall of high-definition displays. As a centrepiece, an LED video wall improves appearances while providing a means to share information and encouraging users to explore their environment, driving sales or engagement.

Workplace Trends with LED Video Walls

As the cost of installing LED video walls drops, adoption rate increases Users who want to utilize the benefits of technology in more aspects of their lives are taking advantage of this chance to adapt their environment and experiences Video walls no longer simply portray information. An attractive design can turn a digital signage installation into a piece of art.

What We Provide

For optimal aesthetics, your LED video wall needs to feature uniform colour and brightness across all displays. Our years of experience adapting solutions to meet clients’ needs has enabled us to develop a range of video walls to suit a variety of purposes, including for research, building signage, and commerce. Our LED video walls offer:

  • Matrix switching
  • AV streaming
  • Changeable configurations to match your space, content, and audience
  • Content management of digital signage

Why Work with InSight Systems on your LED Video Wall?

By partnering with InSight Systems, you ensure the latest innovations in video display technology effectively convey your message. We create solutions for all types of audiences and sizes for our LED video wall installations. You can rely on us for a complete service, from design and building to integration and support for your video walls. We begin the process with a consultation with your team to discuss your requirements and objectives. Then, we will continue to collaborate with you to ensure we efficiently manage your communication efforts