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Make Your Live Virtual Event a Success

What could possibly go wrong?

Well as it turns out plenty!

With the current pandemic and business use of collaboration tools increasing, we have all seen or heard stories of something going wrong in a video call or live webinar.

Microphones not being turned on, participants talking over the top of each other, inappropriate backgrounds, incorrect content, the wrong person appearing on screen, invitations sent to the wrong people. The list is endless.

It can be quite daunting, especially if you have been asked to organise your next virtual event, staff update or live-streamed AGM.

Don’t fear, help is at hand

InSight Systems’ professional Events Team is here to make your next event a success. Using your own Microsoft Teams environment (or indeed a number of other webinar platforms) our Event Producers can provide the expertise to guide you and your team to deliver successful outcomes.

Our event pre-production ensures all of your goals will be met: managing registrations, developing a run sheet and most importantly – rehearsals – to ensure all technical elements will be correct.

Then on event day, your Event Producer will execute the event, managing who is shown on screen, sharing the content, manipulating the screen layout, and assisting with moderating the Q&A (so the right questions are seen, asked and heard).

Post-event, the InSight Systems Events Team will even provide event analytics for post-event comms and follow up.

We are here to help

If you would like a professionally managed Virtual Live Event that delivers on your needs, please call our Events Team on 1300 369 451 or email and start planning your successful event now.

More information about Microsoft Teams Live is available on our website here.