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How Do You Organize Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing For Your Business?

The business environment needs a more robust setup than communications software everyone already has set up on their home computer. Setting Up a Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing system at the enterprise level is not as simple as firing up your video chat, such as Skype or Zoom.

The pandemic has shown a lot of businesses their weakness in this area of their operations.

Microsoft Teams Video conferencing has been a luxury and is considered a non-essential aspect of business systems. Especially for multilocation businesses, the need for a properly built video conferencing system has become a priority. The Post Pandemic world has shown us just how wrong this thinking was.

What are the requirements for Business Class Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing System?

FAST Internet

At a minimum, an Enterprise level Should have stable, reliable, and fast internet connection. And this connection must be future proof (upgradable) to keep up with the needs of the Business.


We cannot stress the importance of portability and mobility in your communications system. Not only has working from home become commonplace. The response is now more crucial in the field, and Mission-critical decisions are being made in multilocation offices.

High-Quality Webcams For Microsoft Teams Video Background

As cliche as it may sound, A picture paints a thousand words. And A picture is worth more than its weight in gold. Businesses need to see clearly to help them make decisions better.

Centralized Management

With different devices, software updates and management, and ensuring an employee can only access certain things, a central hub for managing all your communications applications and gadgets is a must.


With all these hardware, software, and people working altogether, a business should secure its communications network. Otherwise, they may be leaking sensitive information to the general public.

Setup and Maintenance

There should be a designated person or team that oversees that all of the hardware and software are working properly with any equipment and network. They would also need to manage employee access and assignment.

Enterprise-Class Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Application

Though there are many solutions available in the market, we cannot help but recommend Microsoft Team’s Video Conference Feature.

This application was specifically built with the enterprise user in mind.

Microsoft Team’s Video Conference features include visual and real-time collaboration, the ability to host secure conference calls, interactive virtual meetings with up to 1,000 attendees, and hold virtual events for up to 10,000 concurrent connections.

How to Manage Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing for Businesses

Considering all the requirements we have listed above, you have 2 options:

  1. Train in-house personnel to accomplish all the minimum requirements mentioned above.
  2. Or save yourself all the hassle and take on a service such as our Microsoft Teams Managed Service Portal.

Our Solution – Microsoft Teams Managed Service Portal

In partnership with Microsoft, InSight Systems brings you Microsoft Teams Room Premium support functionality. New Microsoft Teams capabilities enable our VNOC team to manage Teams devices, including Microsoft Teams Rooms.

These advancements include new, powerful features, allowing us to simplify, customize and automate Teams device management.

Some of our activities include:

  • Proactive device management
  • Enable automating procedures
  • Simplified device setup
  • Automatic and manual software updates (eliminated issues caused by automated overnight updates)
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Automated issue mitigation for some issues
  • Reports and dashboards on daily operations and room performance, including – inventory, room health, and room reliability
  • Insights and recommendations on room usage and incident trend history

Benefits of using Our Service Portal

Through this delivery partnership, InSight Systems can provide technology agnostic remote support with real-time remediation (eliminating the need to create separate workflows for Microsoft Teams Rooms and traditional technology spaces). Microsoft Teams Room Premium, combined with the Symphony platform, provides the ultimate in proactive monitoring, issue resolution, and workplace technology intelligence.

With our managed service, you can be up in no time and improve your business operations with better video communications.

Save yourself time and money. Utilize our specialized service to give your Business an edge over the competition.

Contact us here for a demo.