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The new screen, which is the second 103-inch Plasma panel to be deployed by the Network in Melbourne, is located behind the newsreaders on the news set to create a more striking impression during the nightly live News broadcasts and during The Bolt Report.

According to Daniel Baldwin, Director of InSight Systems – Audio Visual Consultants and Integration Specialists in Victoria, the panel satisfied the request from the Network to implement a large-scale display that delivered superior image quality and set them apart from other newscasters.

Mike Lewis, Network Ten, said: “The Network wanted to create a set that had high impact for the viewers that tune in to the evening news, and the 103-inch Plasma delivered the size and the visual quality needed to achieve this. The solution has certainly provided the modern, stylish and slick on-set look that we wanted.”

After considering various options including the deployment of a 2 x 2 video wall with thin bezel panels, the technical team and producers decided on the Panasonic panel as this eliminated any cross hair cutting through the image – giving a much more polished and professional result.

Content is able to be quickly and easily transmitted to the screen via the Network’s news control room, including live feeds and previously recorded material.

“We were confident that the 103-inch panel’s energy-efficient technology and crisp images, combined with the tempered front panel to protect the screen against damage in such a high-traffic area would satisfy the Network’s requirements,” Mr Baldwin added.

The 103-inch Plasma panel boasts a moving picture resolution of 1,080 lines and a stunning contrast ratio of 40,000:1 .

“It was crucial for the customer that the solution was implemented on time, with minimal disruption and within budget – and this was very easy to achieve with Panasonic,” said Mr Baldwin.

Marc Amelung, General Manager, Marketing – Business Systems Group – Panasonic Australia, said the 103-inch Plasma panel was the perfect solution for the Network.

“Today’s corporate environment is extremely competitive and fast paced – we are seeing more and more customers coming to us and our partners for solutions that will truly distinguish them from the pack. In this case, the 103-inch panel was the ideal choice to help Network Ten deliver the news to its audience in a unique, entertaining and attractive way,” he said.

Like all Panasonic Plasma displays, the panel has been manufactured with lead-free glass to minimise environmental impact.

Network Ten is considering installing additional panels in the future as new TV studios are launched.

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