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Other services offered by InSight Systems

As businesses expand and their audio visual systems are continuously modified and updated, the original specifications and functionality of these systems are gradually lost. InSight Systems offer a number of services to help you take control of these run-away systems.


Starting with an equipment audit, our technicians will visit each asset location and record every piece of equipment (model, serial number and asset number). Allowing your business to conduct a stock-take and accurately monitor all of your audio visual assets.

Then our technical design team step-in with detailed schematic drawings. Outlining everything from the cabling requirements to the optimum positioning of speakers and projectors, these drawings allow our installers to install the perfect audio visual system to accurately meet your requirements.


The goal of the design team is, to design a system that remains unobtrusive until it is required. In order to minimise disruptions to the building and its occupants, our design team examine the entire existing infrastructure. Wherever possible the design team will fit the new cabling and connectors into the existing infrastructure rather than causing major building disruptions. Due to the high standards at InSight Systems we are unhappy to simply install connectors and floor boxes that ‘almost’ fit –close enough is not good enough. So our design team will custom design panels and floor boxes to fit the exact specification of your building. The result is a perfect custom solution that will remain unobtrusive and functional.

Below is an example of a floor box that had been modified and updated countless times. The result was a mass of cables and connectors that not only caused interference but also risked failed and unstable connections.


By contrast after the design team commenced work they custom designed and manufactured a floor plate that contained all of the required connections (no adaptors required) whilst also being clearly labeled and remaining out of sight.


Call our audio visual consultants on 1300 369 451 to to find out how we can simplify your audio visual inventory.