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Outsourcing your AV Staff will improve your business

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by Shane Somerville

When it comes to making great business decisions, outsourcing specialist non-core activities makes sense. Outsourcing AV Staff and support services is not only sound financial management,  but will also deliver AV systems and environments that are ready for work when required.

How outsourced AV Staff and AV managed Services will provide better outcome for your business

InSight Systems AV Staff will provide enormous benefits to your organisation, including:

  • Enables core business focus.
  • Lowers cost.
  • Efficiency gains and time is maximised
  • AV Systems ready to work when required.
  • Issues proactively found and fixed before staff and guests are impacted.
  • Maximise asset life, maximising ROI
  • Support delivered by motivated, friendly professionals governed by Service Level Agreements – not your responsibility.
  • Remote Monitoring / remote fix. Real time proactive issue response delivered by specialist trained AV staff, on and or offsite
Core resources focussing on delivering core outcomes

Outsourced AV Staff perform all specialised AV/IT tasks and allow the business to focus on core outcomes and activities.

This focus ensures all efforts are targeted where needed the most, delivering outcomes and growth. In today’s connected world, and the “new normal” of flexible working, AV systems are more critical than ever.  Outsourcing AV Staff to InSight Systems takes away the burden of specialist resourcing, and ensures the organisation always has the best performing systems and team members – Physical and virtual.

Lower operational cost

Get more done with less. Combine constant proactive device monitoring with remote fix and onsite attendance when required. Reduces carrying costs of full time resources, you pay for what you use.

Moving to proactive response from reacting to issues raised by staff is more efficient and keeps systems available and more reliable.

Specialist skills available where and when required, increased efficiency

As all of the AV equipment is being constantly proactively monitored remotely by InSight Systems specialist AV Staff, issues are highlighted automatically and dealt with, often before anyone is impacted. This approach allows for targeted response where and when required. This increases efficiency and the time devices are working. The services are delivered by enthusiastic friendly professionals who care about the clients and environments they support.

Greater Return On Investment – Asset Lifecycle

InSight Systems  specialist AV staff configure monitoring to give alerts when devices fail OR when certain thresholds are met. This provides an actionable alert to prompt a pre-emptive fix. This approach can extend the life of equipment and maximise Return On Investment, as targeted maintenance promoting asset longevity can be achieved.

Social Distancing through Remote monitoring

With Social Distancing part of the ‘New Normal’, InSight Systems outsourced AV Staff with remote monitoring and management capabilities enables effective social distancing, as many issues can be found and fixed remotely by specialised technicians, keeping your staff, clients and guests safe.

Support your teams at home

InSight Systems AV Staff support your team’s requirements wherever they are working. This can be both via our specialist team using video or phone support, OR physical visitation if that is required. We can troubleshoot problems as well as hands on training.

Further information

For further information on how InSight Systems AV Staff will improve your business outcomes please contact . For a comprehensive white paper on Audio Visual Managed services follow this link