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Recently Justin Lakerink and Daniel Castelli travelled up to Sydney to attend the Amber Technology Conference. Upon returning all they could talk about was the new interactive panels offered by Perceptive Pixel.


Perceptive Pixel offers a 27”, a 55” and a massive 82” touch panel. These panels use Gorilla glass (the same material used on your iPhone) and six capacitive layers to ensure a true multi-touch experience. With the ability to use up to eight RFID stylus’ it is possible to attribute work to different users whilst all working simultaneously. Alternative the touch interface will permit finger and multi-touch gestures. The multi-touch interface allows multiple users to operate the screen simultaneously, allowing for flexibility in meetings and collaborative spaces.

As Perceptive Pixel panels were produced in conjunction with Windows and operate on a Windows platform it is possible to run multiple applications and windows and seamlessly switch between screens. With ability to resize windows and shift between screens makes it is possible to share an immense amount of information in an easily digestible format.


Whilst the first generation of multi-touch panels was cost prohibitive and required a super computer to operate this newest generation is cost effective and runs off any PC meeting the minimum requirements for Windows 8. This reduces the total cost of ownership, making it even easier to collaborate and share information in your office.

To find out more about Perceptive Pixels call 1300 369 451 to arrange a free demonstration.

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