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Product Review - Amina APP554W

Amina Technologies are well known as the worlds leading supplier of invisible loudspeaker solutions. Speakers which can be installed into a surface and plastered or painted over, creating a seamless blend with its surroundings, while still providing excellent audio performance.


Previously their products were only found in premium architecturally designed homes and spaces, where the aesthetic appeal that they provide is a requisite rather than a luxury, architects avoiding visually obvious technology wherever possible.

Now Amina has entered into the commercial market, creating a variation of the invisible speaker best suited to office spaces and boardrooms, in the form of a ceiling tile sized speaker. The APP554W is one of these models, a slim line, ceiling grid mount speaker, available in a standard tile size of 600×600 or 600×1200 mm.

The 40w 8ohm/100v speakers use the principle of distributed mode vibrations to create a widely dispersed and diffuse sound output, giving the major benefit of a consistent sound pressure level over a large area. This allows the speaker to create an audio dispersion angle of 150 degrees, which is far greater than many conventional ceiling speakers which tend to be between 45 and 90 degrees. What this means in real world terms is that the speaker’s wide dispersion ensures that high levels of intelligibility are maintained regardless of listener position, assisted by its frequency response of 60Hz – 20KHz.

Amina also offer at an additional cost, custom finishes including vinyl to front panel, in a range of colours and effects. Even artworks supplied as a digital file can also be printed onto vinyl, and the finish has a very minimal affect on the speakers’ efficiency. A durable professional paint finishes to front panel or frame, in a wide variety of colours is also available for those not wanting to don their own white overalls.

A simple suspended ceiling installation of the speaker, with a flat white front panel and silver anodised aluminium frame, creates a ceiling audio solution that will blend in visually, but stand out for its audio performance.  Please contact us on 1300 369 451 to find out more about this great product.