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Product Review - Mitsubishi WD8200U

The 8000 series in the Mitsubishi line up of large venue projector feature dual lamps, interchangeable lenses and 24/7 operations. This makes the Mitsubishi WD8200U perfect for large venue installations.


The Mitsubishi WD8200U is a single DLP chip projector with 6,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and 8,000 hours of continuous run time. This makes it perfect for lecture theatres, churches or corporate installations. The WD8200U’s economy modes will reduce brightness by up to 63%, extending the life of the lamp and leading to an overall reduction in operating costs. Utilising the low power mode it is possible to have 8,000 hours of continuous run time, this is around 11 months of continuous run time! The key to this tremendous run time is the WD8200U’s ability to automatically and seamlessly switch between lamps. This allows the lamps to cool down, thereby extending the overall life of the lamp.

Mitsubishi offer a three-year or 10,000 hour warranty plus a one-year or 500 hour lamp warranty. Coupled with the InSight Systems lifetime warranty on installation you can rest assured that the Mitsubishi WD8200U will fulfil you needs for years to come.

To find out more about large venue projectors call an audio visual consultant on 1300 369 451 to discuss how InSight Systems can help your organisation.