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Product Review - NEC Live

NEC Live is a new software solution for digital signage across your business. Based on the Windows Media Player platform NEC Live allows users to create and curate content quickly and easily.

NEC Live is a suite of Windows based applications that allow the users to create compelling content to schedule and distribute across a whole network of display panels. Content can be created and uploaded by a simple drag-and-drop process. Or utilising the NEC Live Artist application it is possible for content contain dynamic data streams updated in real time.

With the ability to create schedules for individual panels, groups of panels or the entire catalogue NEC Live is better able to target and engage audiences whatever your business may be.

NEC Live Enterprise offers the ability to assign access rights to user groups. As a result one group of users might be able to upload content and another group able to create, upload and manage the system. This leads to quicker response times with time sensitive content. Rolling-out NEC Live is a quick and easy process due to the ability to assign tasks to specific user groups and review the results before publishing.

The scalability of NEC Live is greatly enhanced by the dynamic licensing options available from NEC. This gives the organisation flexibility to increase the number of digital signage panels rapidly.

NEC Live is a cost effective digital signage solution for any sized business. To find out more about installing a digital signage solution call1300 369 451to speak to an audio visual consultant.