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Remote Monitoring of AV Equipment

With the ever increasing need to do more with less, and wherever possible promote social distancing, there has never been a more relevant time to provide a remote monitoring solution that can provide automated alerts, with the ability to remotely access any device and remediate issues without the need to attend physically to the room.

How remote monitoring works

No matter the brand, quality, or how much pro-active maintenance you do on AV equipment, there will inevitably be a piece that fails. That’s why it’s important to trust your business’s uptime to a provider that can pre-emptively or quickly notice downtime and remotely fix it without anyone having to get out of bed and let technicians inside.

InSight Systems is the only organization that can bring all these possibilities, and more as part of its managed services offering, powered by the remote management toolset, Symphony.

Symphony is a robust audio visual / UC remote monitoring and management toolset that allows clients and service technicians extreme flexibility in networked equipment, regardless of brand or equipment type. It proactively monitors equipment, sends automated fault alerts, logs tickets, and allows direct access to the device experiencing a fault from within the ticket / alert, without having to change tools. This remote access allows for troubleshooting and remote fix possibilities when deployed with rich monitoring functionality. It also has a very strong video conference management and monitoring interface.

With remote monitoring and ensuring equipment is operational, our audio visual technicians enhance user experience of technology and ensure the deployed AV solutions are reliably maintained – another crucial step in ensuring downtime doesn’t happen in the first place.

All brands benefit from remote monitoring

A key benefit of Symphony is that it offers a vendor agnostic approach to its remote monitoring service, ensuring clients are is not locked into any one control system or device type. The toolset is backed by the largest Audio-Visual Integrator and specialist globally today.

The intellectual property held within Symphony is a direct result of the knowledge and experience of a business that has installed and supported hundreds of thousands of installations around the world.

Coupled with this is the significant development through our partnership with AVI-SPL, for enhancements to suit the Australian technology market which makes it a proven performer that delivers efficiencies, improved user experiences and cost savings. It’s real, it works, and is in operation in many organisations globally.

How remote monitoring is becoming self-fixing

We can already solve technology issues before they become problems, such as by identifying displays before a projector lamp burns out or by receiving an immediate notification when a device goes offline through our remote monitoring tool, Symphony. Shortly though, Symphony will have a level of ‘self-healing’ that will see some affected items being automatically rebooted following a power outage or network interruption, or for when a reboot will fix an issue.

For our clients, Symphony, as a part of InSight Systems remote monitoring offering, will enable efficiencies with ‘eyes on’ all networked devices (legacy, new and emerging), regardless of location or device type. With a built-in analytics engine, the ability to create automated workflows, control devices and automated actions such as room sweeps, ensures the support team can get ahead of issues and resolve them before classes are impacted, remotely, Covid Safe without having to physically attend in the majority of cases

Let us help

It’s hard to overstate the importance of effective AV management practices, particularly when it comes to remote monitoring. It’s not something that can be effective without the proper “home-grown” tools, maintenance plans, and technical expertise. By doing right by our clients and ensuring we are always earning your business’s trust is how we’ve grown into the largest AV implementer in Australia. We encourage you to talk to one of our technicians today or read about some of the other businesses we’ve transformed with our services and unique approach to AV.