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Sonos have long been considered the industry benchmark for wireless music systems. And now Sonos are stepping up and changing the game again with the all new Sonos SUB.

The Sonos SUB fills an entire room with layers of bottomless sound and allows you to feel every note. You won’t just hear the difference, you will feel it!

Featuring two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face. The Sonos SUB eliminates the rattle and cabinet buzz often associated with large subs to produce a clear, earth shaking sound that you can feel with your whole body.

The Sonos SUB will work seamlessly with all of the current Sonos range of products. The Sonos system automatically adjusts audio settings to perfectly balance the sound with the existing components for a flawless listening experience. And best of all because the Sonos SUB is completely wireless you can position it anywhere within your house, or even move it from zone to zone for the perfect listening experience anywhere in your house!

To find out more about Sonos wireless music systems and how to install a system in your house or business call 1300 369 451 to speak to an audio visual consultant.