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Spotify, RDIO and now MOG

The last couple of months have seen Australians getting a greater choice in how they listen to music with a number of music streaming services bringing these products to our shores.


Last month we wrote an article comparing Spotify and RDIO, however there is now a new player on the block! Telstra have partnered with MOG and offer a new music streaming service, with unmetered MOG downloads to all Telstra customers.

MOG offers 16 million tracks available through a desktop or mobile app or even through a web browser. Compatible with both Windows and OSX devices MOG will stream through Airplay and Sonos systems making it even easier to listen to your favourite songs!

With comparable pricing structures to the other competitors in this space and unmetered downloads MOG is a viable alternative to those already using Spotify or RDIO, or those looking at getting a new service.

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