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The new Microsoft Teams Premium Rooms features your team should use

Premium Rooms are a new feature in Microsoft Teams that allows organisations to create their chat rooms with the same functionality as a group chat. These Microsoft Teams Rooms can also be used for meetings, training, and other team-specific activities, such as sharing content.

Why use Microsoft Teams Rooms?

The idea of Premium Rooms is to provide an easy way for teams to collaborate on a common goal without switching between different apps. Additionally, the new Microsoft Teams capabilities also enable support teams to manage all their team’s devices, including Microsoft Teams Rooms. These advancements encompass powerful features, allowing IT admins to simplify, customise, and automate Teams device management.

The first feature has a persistent chat room that is always open and available for your team members to join. This feature helps with collaboration and creates a space for employees to communicate without having to be in constant contact.

The second feature is the ability to create meeting rooms from your chats, making it easy to share documents or screens with others in your team without setting up a meeting.

Other innovations include:

■ Proactive device management
■ Enable automating procedures
■ Simplify device set up
■ Automatic and manual software updates (eliminated issues caused by automated overnight updates)
■ Troubleshoot and resolve issues
■ Automated issue mitigation for some issues
■ Reports and dashboards on daily operations and room performance, including inventory, room health, and room reliability
■ Insights and recommendations on room usage and incident trend history
■ All operations tasks

We can help you setup the right Microsoft Teams Rooms

In partnership with AVI-SPL and Microsoft, InSight Systems brings our clients Microsoft Teams Premium Rooms support functionality.

Through this delivery partnership, InSight Systems can provide technology agnostic remote support with real-time remediation (eliminating the need to create separate workflows for Microsoft Teams Rooms and traditional technology spaces).

Combined with the Symphony platform, our proprietary remote monitoring toolkit, Microsoft Teams Premium Rooms provides the ultimate in proactive monitoring, issue resolution, and business intelligence.

With the current global working condition brought about by the pandemic, collaboration and sharing apps have become ubiquitous in the workplace. But with all the apps being implemented, introduced, and the learning curve needed to have these naturally assimilated into the business process, it has caused software fatigue amongst the working populace.

The tools that we thought would help us increase productivity have become counterintuitive because of the time and resources needed to learn various apps and the necessary skill to utilise them fully. The new Microsoft Teams features and our Symphony toolkit are intend to counteract this dilemma by streamlining and putting all your collaboration and sharing tools in one complete and neat package.

Let us help you regain lost productivity and improve efficiency with the proper implementation of these new features.

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