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A new product has arrived from Vaddio, the premier global manufacturer of pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras and specialty camera control systems.

Touted as a revolutionary automated camera tracking system, designed for educational and corporate training facilities, the Autotrack system offers great potential for users with even the most demanding of video communication requirements.


Two cameras lie at the heart of the system, with a 20x optical zoom PTZ camera capturing high definition video, and outputting via a HDMI/DVI, Composite or component video output.

The second PTZ camera uses a special infra-red lens, which tracks a user worn lanyard supplied, via its inbuilt IR emitters.

Using this combination of cameras and the lanyard a presenter is able to move freely around a presentation space, allowing for innovation in teaching techniques, and a better experience for participants viewing both live and captured content.

In addition to moving from side-to-side, the system automates the tilting and panning of the camera, tracking the instructors’ movement closer or further away from the camera, you will be centrally framed no matter where you stand.

This tracking system has proven more reliable, with a greater fluidity of motion over the standard frame based motion track systems.

See the Vaddio Autotrack 2.0 in action

The Autotrack system also removes the issues the basic systems face, when more than one participant in the cameras field of view will confuse the system, and performance is severely limited in low lighting conditions.

To arrange a demonstration of the Vaddio Autotrack 2.0 call 1300 369 451 to speak to one of our audio visual consultants.

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