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For many years, video conferencing has played a central role in business collaboration; however, it is now undergoing a transformation. With more opportunities for integration than ever before, video conferencing is no longer limited to communication. In fact, it can be an important tool in allowing employees to work together on projects, no matter where they may be in the physical world. With the right tools, you can use video conferencing to share content, white board, annotate content, and much more.

The video collaboration solutions from InSight Systems enable multiple employees to access and edit documents in real time, all while using their personal devices. You can choose between an on-premise system, a cloud subscription service, or a hybrid of both options.

To complement our enhanced video collaboration solutions, we install specialised workspaces and huddle rooms. Here, employees can gather in small groups to connect with colleagues (even those outside the office) to better exchange ideas.

Workplace Trends in Video Conferencing

  • Many employees bring two or more personal devices with them to work. With the right video conferencing solutions, workers can use their smartphones and tablets to stay productive at any onsite or offsite location.
  • Predictions are that by 2018, each employee will have just half the office space he or she had in 2010. Although this is partially due to higher costs of commercial real estate, it is also due to a rise in preference for collaboration spaces that promote efficiency and allow employees to join with colleagues and clients for meetings whenever they feel the need.
  • More organisations are opting to create sustainable buildings that focus on the needs and well-being of employees.

What Video Conferencing Services We Provide

At InSight Systems, we consider how to improve the way your business functions, including better alignment and knowledge-sharing, when we design and deploy your video conferencing system. We involve a team of certified technicians and engineers in the planning and execution to ensure optimal use of interactive displays, presentation systems, control systems, and digital signage installation to form welcoming spaces for your employees. Our video conferencing solutions give you:

  • Access to specialists in Skype for Business, Cisco, Creston, and Polycom
  • Virtual meeting rooms and other types of hosted video conferencing
  • The choice between remote and onsite management for all resources, subscriptions, and endpoints related to video conferencing
  • Hosted infrastructure and gateway services
  • Interoperable designs

Why Work With InSight Systems?

We only offer video conferencing systems that are easy to use, reliable, and encourage the participation of all team members across a range of devices and locations. Our expertise lies not only in design and room layout but also in implementation and ongoing support.

We are always aware of the latest and best trends in business collaboration, which allows us to understand companies and the tools they need. For instance, one of the biggest changes recently has been the shift towards the cloud. For this reason, we offer both managed conferencing services and a self-service suite of virtual meeting room options.